T.A. Epley
Payables (age 48)
Pineville, NC
Although I work in an office, my family owns a cabin on the edge of Pisgah National Forest. So, weekends often find me there, pressure washing, clearing gutters, etc., and this represents probably the absolute most I might have handy on my person when I drive up. It's amazing how this stuff accumulates over time, and I welcome any questions about these items. Thanks and Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning.

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HammerandDreml ·
Very classy, friend..
T.A. Epley ·
Most appreciated.
Daneson ·
Looking good - curious to see what you did with our leather case!
T.A. Epley ·
It was fairly simple. Standard brown leather dye from Hobby Lobby, in multiple coats. The inner sleeve is then inserted into the outer sleeve with the openings facing the same direction, and tamped down as snug as possible. The tubes (I only use mint no. 9) are not easily removed from the leather pouch, because this configuration puts a lot of pressure on them. I simply use up the toothpicks and refill the vials without removing them. The purpose was to get the case into the color scheme of the rest of my gear, and to make the case fit snugly into the half pocket of my Duluth Trading Company Fire-Hose work-pants. The pocket is on the exterior of the the cargo pocket. In this configuration the tops of the vials just peek out. I'll post some more pics below when I get a chance. Thanks for your interest.
Daneson ·
Super creative - we really dig the dye you used too. Appreciate your support!
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Randy Stiles ·
Okay, so. Is this everything, or do you switch out items too? This is very solid, most impressive.
T.A. Epley ·
I have some other stuff, but I've got so much in this pic already. I left out some redundancies. I have another wallet, knife, etc. that I switch out for. I'll post some more pics soon. Thanks for the compliments.
J.S. Leonard ·
Check out Balmshot lip balm. Good stuff.
OK, hold everything. This is an epic EDC and an epic photo of it. I love the amount of leather and wood here. It's very suave. Very comforting tones. Very interested in the cigar case and what an "Engineer's Wallet" is? Also, how do you carry all this with you?
T.A. Epley ·
I'll take the last part first. This is the absolute max, and it assumes I'm wearing my Duluth Trading Fire-Hose work pants, Mackinaw Jacket, Wool Vest, etc. That provides a lot of pockets distributed across a lot of area. The Cigar Case is easy to find with a simple google search, Jacob Bromwell being the manufacturer. It's pricey, but nice, not airtight by any means. I cut a chip of cedar about the size of a modern dollar-piece and dropped it in the bottom of the tube, which helps in a small way to keep the stogie fresh in the absence of a humidor. With that spacer in the tube it'll hold up to a ring size 54, maybe a little bigger, and up to a length of about five and a half inches (if memory serves). I'll attach some pics below when I get a chance. This things not a permanent solution for cigar freshness but it'll keep you from crushing it in your pocket. Now, the engineer's wallet is an over-priced little chunk of leather that keeps your fisher space-pen, note pad, and credit cards all in one place. I tossed out the note pad that came with it and replaced it with an address book. It's useful, but not worth the money in all honesty. Thanks for your interest. Pics coming soon.
T.A. Epley ·
I apologize for the poor photography. Also, uploading this, it asked me for itemized additional comments, which I provided, but don't see referenced in the final post. I also thought it would ask for links to where these goods can be purchased, but I didn't see where or how to do so, I was provided with options to link, but didn't see the item pop-up for the most part. So, a lot of the items are linked to Amazon URLs and Amazon will probably just shrug it's shoulders to most of this stuff. If you're looking for something listed, just leave a comment and I'll try to provide more information.
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