My Backpack EDC

New Hudson, MI
5.11 Tactical Backpack EDC

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ThreePercenter ·
Finally, someone who shows a backpack instead of so much gear it seems near impossible to carry comfortably. Thank you!
ThreePercenter ·
but what's in the bags? first aid stuff? you could almost do another post with those alone.
Eric ·
Yeah just some medical supplies. I'll do that one next! Great idea!
ThreePercenter ·
loving the glock tool too ;)
Haha I was wondering how many people would notice that! Just went through my first Glock Armorer class last week! Great course!
Cool hat!
blueumbrella ·
I have to wonder if you exceeded the limit on EDC carry, and have moved into the next category of “moving” :-)
Haha it drives my wife nuts that I have this bag every time we (or I) leave the house!
ThreePercenter ·
always ready ;)
dweaver ·
Where did you get the mesh zipper bags, been looking for those, great setup!!
SHDaniel ·
Interested, too!
This backpack from 5.11 comes with these bags in it. They also have Velcro on the other side so they can attach to Velcro inside the bag. Cool option I thought! Thanks for the comment!
Jesse ·
where did you get the ka-bar sheath?
ThreePercenter ·
I know the company who makes my holsters makes them. Alpha Concealment.
Yep! Alpha concealment! Great company and this one is Coyote color!