Everyday Hot Weather Carry

Before we begin describing our everyday carry, we wanted to preface by saying that every one’s daily carry equipment is their own decision and should be based on your individual needs on your respective environment and even your body type. The below equipment works for us given our circumstances and probably will not work for you in your environment. What we carry in hot, sunny Florida will differ dramatically what you’ll carry in the bush of frozen Alaska or the urban sprawl of New York City. With the former you’ll want something large and potent enough to stop a bear. For the latter, unless you’re licensed to do so (good luck with that), you better not have anything more than a Swiss Army knife lest you end up in jail for breaking the law.

But for those like us in hot climes, where we often wear minimal clothing and have limited pocket space, concealing a full size handgun and carrying a ton of other equipment just isn’t feasible. So without further ado, this is what we carry every day.

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