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This may seem like a lot of gear but it carries well. Recently added more medical via the ankle cuff and Sabre pepper spray for a less lethal option.

Slide milling and custom sights by Mark Housel of L&M Precision Gunworks.

#CZ4ML ;-)

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Craig A Wildfeuer Jr ·
A man after my own heart! The P-07 UG SR is in my carry rotation. I just haven't gotten an RMR or comp for it. And I use a tacpen or kobutan for a less than lethal option.
Craig A Wildfeuer Jr ·
Oh, and I carry my P-07 cocked and locked. Gonna keep it that way until I get the CGW kit.
Justin ·
If anyone's inclined to answer... as a Canadian, non gun owner, I don't understand why it's important to keep your weapon concealed? I get that you may not want to be known as that guy that carries a gun or go around scarring people, but I assume there's more to it? I carry a pocket knife with the clip and top of the knife showing and figure the only people that will likely notice it will be other knife lovers or criminals, and in the case of a would-be criminal I think it makes me less of a target. What am I missing?
There are a couple of reasons...

First, carrying openly advertises the goods to others which may not be a good thing. Sure, there could be a deterrent value to it but I'd say you are more likely to attract the wrong kind of attention in the form of attempted thievery or gun-fearing freakouts.

Also, in some states it is illegal to carry openly - concealed carry is all that is allowed. There are sometimes also restrictions on open carry when it is allowed that concealed carry permittees are not subject to.
now go swim in the lake with all that on
This is not my swimming EDC ;-)
J.S. Leonard ·
As that CZ sits, you ain't conceal carrying that if your life depended on it. Carry yes but concealed effectively​, no. A weapons light is something you may want to ditch on an EDC pistol as well as the extended mags.You're already carrying a flashlight you don't need the added size, bulk and weight of a weapon light. This advice comes from decades of experience and lessons learned the hard way in training and down range. The RMR on a CCW is something don't advocate. All these add-ons on a range gun or dedicated sidearm in ok, but when on a CCW less is best. Remember KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid. Not picking on you just offering sound advice from a seasoned Shooter, Competitor, Instructor, Soldier, Combat Veteran, LEO and Consultant.
I appreciate your perspective - and simpler does work best for general concealed carry - but there is more to this story than you are aware of. ;-)

Point of fact, I *do* conceal this setup without issue. If I have no issue there why not carry a WML? That is more an issue of comfort IMO and no problems there with the carry gear I use. The RMR is there because I shoot better and faster with it - I have backup irons should the optic go down but I've had no issues there in over a year of training with it.

I am not new to this either ... and, as I said, there are day to day practical concerns for why I carry all this gear and have my pistol setup as I do. This would not be the exact loadout I'd choose if CCW was all I had to be concerned with... although the gun would largely stay the same for the reasons I outlined above.
J.S. Leonard ·
Ultimately you're the one lugging it around. A setup such as yours has a massive footprint due to the bulk of a WML and extended mags. This footprint causes it to print unless you dress to compensate for this. By dressing as such you stand out and that's not the point of a CCW and if you dress normally you print and again show your hand. You can't honestly say that this setup doesn't hinder your dress and comfort on a daily basis. Unless you are carrying at night alot or for a job that requires you to search buildings I don't understand why people insist on a WML when a pocket/handheld light is more effective and useful. Again it's your call and if your happy with it carry on.
There are so many variables with carry - body type, mode of dress, choice of holster and belt, etc. I am fortunate in that I don't have to jump through hoops to conceal this setup.

My job allows me to dress casually and, due to my size and the way I'm built, there really is no difference in footprint for me with the WML and extended mags. (I, too, was surprised - I expected the mags to print like a mofo, but... they don't *shrug*) The RMR can sometimes be a bit more challenging depending on shirt choice but, for me, the benefits of the optic far outweigh any extra effort required to carry with it.

I do have a couple of other carry options - a P-07 sans WML, RMR and extended mags that I carry when I have to dress up (which is rarely) and a Ruger LCR that is my "workout" gun. The LCR gets used almost daily but only while I am exercising.

As I said, there ARE also other factors influencing these choices besides just what I personally like to carry. Mission drives the gear train, as they say. Joe Civilian has different needs and ROE than, say, a plainclothes security officer. I would NOT steer someone to carry as I do unless their situation dictated it ;-)
Craig A Wildfeuer Jr ·
I think I need to look at the base plates for my P-07 and P10.
I wasn't sure I'd like them but they ended up being pretty sweet!