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8 Wallet Cases for Your New iPhone

Adam Molina
8 Wallet Cases for Your New iPhone

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After weeks of waiting you finally added that shiny new iPhone to your EDC. Smartphones are without a doubt one of the more important items in your carry, and now that the new phone cycle is over it might be time to start thinking about some accessories to make your phone work for you. You’re probably going to want to protect your new investment anyway, so why not slim down your pockets at the same time and get a protective case that doubles as a wallet? Two birds, one stone. Whether you’re looking for a rugged case to protect your phone from drops, a stylish one to make your pockets a little lighter, or both we’ve gathered a few wallet cases made to fit your new iPhone.

Otterbox Leather Strada

Otterbox is known for their protective cases and if protecting your phone is your first priority, this might be the one for you. The rubber bumper around the phone protects the iPhone 7/8 against drops while the screen is covered by a premium leather that stands up to everyday wear and tear. On the inside you’ll get a card slot that's perfect for an emergency credit card, your ID, or even a folded bill or two.

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Distil Union Wally Case

If you’re looking for a minimalist way to carry a few cards then the Wally Case by Distil Union should get the job done. Stash up to 4 cards in the slot on the back and access them in a pinch thanks to the signature Wally Pull-Tab, which fans them out for your choosing. Best of all they come in a few different color options so the leather will age gracefully with your carry. They have options for both the regular sized 8 as well as the 8+, so they have you covered no matter which model you have.

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Bellroy Phone Wallet

When it comes to quality leather goods, few companies get it right like Bellroy. If you want that premium leather they’re known for to cover your iPhone 8/8+,then take a look at the Phone Wallet. Not only does it have a card slot on the inside of the cover that can fit 4 cards and some cash, but it also has a slot for a SIM card and pin if you’re going to be traveling internationally. The Magnetic closure keeps the cover from flapping around and it also doubles as a makeshift stand when you’re watching videos.

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Spigen Slim Armor CS Case

If you’re looking for a case that doesn’t look like it has money inside check out the Spigen Slim Armor CS case. Not only does it have two layers of shock-absorbent TPU that protect against your average drop, but it also has a sliding cover that blends into the case, hiding the two cards that you can stash within. It comes in a few different colors so if all-black isn’t your style there’s also red, gunmetal, white, rose gold, and blush gold.

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Griffin Survivor Strong Wallet

Some cases check all the boxes and the Strong Wallet by Griffin might be one of them. It’s super thin but still has enough layers of protection built into the case to protect your iPhone X from drops up to 7 feet. The cover snaps shut thanks to a magnetic clasp, but if you open it up you’ll find three slots for cards and some cash so you can leave the house without a bulky wallet taking up pocket space.

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Grovemade iPhone Wallet Case

Grovemade has made a name for themselves by taking natural materials like wood and leather and turning them into minimal EDC staples, but their cases aren’t just for looks. The Walnut & Leather iPhone case wraps your phone entirely in a lightweight wood, save for the screen which gets protected by vegetable-tanned leather. The inside of the cover offers a spot for two cards, while the whole cover has been treated so that it will patina nicely over time.

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Tech21 Evo Wallet Case

If you drop your phone more often than you care to admit, then go for the Tech21 Evo Wallet case. Whichever iPhone you have the Evo Wallet case promises to protect it from drops up to 10 feet thanks to three layers of shock-absorbing shells built into the bumper. The cover itself also opens up to reveal two hidden slots for your most used cards. If you want a practical case that keeps a low profile this case should be on your shortlist.

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This Is Ground Stash Phone Wallet

Some cases are meant to do more than just carry your phone, like the Stash Phone Wallet from This Is Ground. It’s made of Tuscan leather and has a clamshell design that zips shuts, keeping your phone, cards, and cashed safely tucked away until you need them. Not only will it perfectly fit your new iPhone, but it will most likely fit any phone. Even if you upgrade in a year or two the Stash Phone Wallet will be just as practical.

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