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Olight S1 Mini Baton Rechargeable

Mikey Bautista
Olight S1 Mini Baton Rechargeable

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Since the Olight S1 Baton's release in the past year, few lights have epitomized the size and features of an ideal EDC light. It had a great size and useful features, and has been a mainstay carry ever since. And while the S1's been joined by siblings such as the S Mini and S1R, there's been little reason to upgrade the S1 itself—until now. Olight recently launched the S1 Mini Baton, consolidating the Baton family features into one light while giving the it upgrades in all the right places. Packing convenience and and functionality, the S1 Mini Baton cements its place in EDCers pockets.

The best thing about the new S1 is it didn't try to change anything that wasn't broken. It's taken the S Mini's shorter and lighter form factor of 2.13” and 1.52 ounces, while improving on its power and features. Specifically, the new S1 comes with up to 600 lumens (50 more from the S Mini) and up to 15 days of runtime off its XM-L2 LED emitter, with a high CRI option to boot for fans of a more eye-pleasing tint. The magnetic tail that was missing from the S Mini is back as well, giving the S1 Baton more versatility, in addition to a new two-way clip and a braided knurling pattern that makes it easier than ever to carry and use.

On top of it all, the S1 Mini comes with a new 650mAh battery with a built-in micro USB charging port, making the light even more convenient and useful and playing well with the rest of your tech. IPX8-rated ruggedness rounds out the light's features, along with an included lanyard for more options for convenient carry.

The S1 Mini Baton takes a great light and makes it even better, improving on its features and not fixing what isn't broken. Pick one up from Amazon at the link below.

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Ethan ·
Recently I bought an s1 mini Batton. I like my Olights I also have an s2r baton. I am a fanboy of Olight that is the only brand of light I EDC. I like how compact and lightweight the S1 mini is. When I buy a flashlight I like to get one USB rechargeable so I don't have to buy a battery charger.
Scott Johnson ·
So I'm wondering from the photos. It's necessary to unscrew the tailcap and remove the battery to charge it? I guess I don't really mind that. Is the battery a standard CR123A's length, so that you could use a lithium primary in a pinch while the battery recharged?
Mikey Bautista ·
Hi Scott! Yes, it's the battery itself that you charge, meaning you can swap in a non-rechargeable CR123A as well as use the chargeable one in other devices that support it (but make sure before you do!).