Form, Function and Durability

C Nathaniel Von Lind
Maker (age 35)
Coeur d Alene, Idaho
Form, Function and Durability. The 3 pillars of an heirloom. I tend to choose my EDC items firstly on Form. How a thing looks is important for creating a vibe or feeling. No matter how functional a thing may be, if it is ugly it will never be as near to my heart. How many of you chose a homely gal to call your own just because she can cook? Sorry if that sounded bad. Get you a pretty gal that can cook, and you'll be ahead of the game. Function is still vital though for me, even if it isn't for others. Some folks carry a beautiful pocket trinket that serves no other purpose than to be admired and touched because of the feeling it brings us. The third pillar is durability. Good materials and engineered to withstand abuse, time or even neglect. Use your gear and take good care of it. See you out there, friends.

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