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Leatherman Skeletool Damasteel

Adam Molina
Leatherman Skeletool Damasteel

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When it comes to covering your bases, nothing gets the job done like a multi-tool. But all too often the blade on a multi-tool doesn’t come close to a dedicated knife. Leatherman is one of the most trusted names in the game and thanks to a functional design and lightweight build, the Skeletool hits that sweet spot for anyone looking to EDC both a multi-tool and a competent folding knife. The new limited edition Skeletool Damasteel brings an eye-catching Damascus steel blade to the mix for added longevity and a touch of style.

Despite its small size the Skeletool Damasteel packs a punch. Thanks to its compact, skeletonized body it manages to weigh only 5 ounces for ease of carry. You can also access all the tools with one hand, making it perfect for the solo handyman. You’ll get needle-nosed pliers, wire cutters, a large bit driver, and the carabiner/bottle opener which lets you attach it to a pack or pop open a beverage.

But what makes the Skeletool stand out from the pack is its signature combo knife. It’s half-serrated and half-plain edge to handle a wide range of cutting tasks, made from a Swedish-forged Damascus steel. The process results in a unique blade every time, so your Skeletool won't be like any others. That said, the Damascus steel isn’t just for looks. It offers improved corrosion resistance and superb edge retention for the cleaner cuts and less maintenance. It’s 2.8 inches when deployed and locks up via a liner lock when in use.

The Skeletool has been a go-to tool for EDCer’s since its release, but the addition of the Damascus steel blade makes it that much more of a must have. If you don’t want to sacrifice a quality blade in your multitool, then check out the Skeletool Damasteel by clicking the link below.

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Jeremy Townes ·
The Damasteel Skeletool does not have a combo knife blade.
Was just about to write that. :)
Jared ·
Damn that blade looks so good!