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Armytek Prime C1 Magnet USB

Mikey Bautista
Armytek Prime C1 Magnet USB

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Any talk about rugged flashlights—truly rugged, field-ready lights—is bound to have Armytek as part of the discussion. This Canadian manufacturer has consistently put out EDC-worthy flashlights, from compact pocket rockets to rugged tactical searchlights. Their new Prime C1 takes their flagship 18350 light to the next level, amping up its power while adding the convenience of magnetic USB charging.

The Prime C1 USB now comes with 980 lumens of output on Turbo (there's also a cool white version that puts out 1050 lumens), with five additional modes for any lighting task. This includes a 0.4 Firefly mode for up to 60 days(!) of continuous runtime. This is due in part to its 18350 battery, which carries 900 mAh of capacity in its compact, 35mm size (it's a shorter 18650, hence the “35” designation). Pair this with the C1's TIR optics and you get a useful, floody beam useful for evenly lighting up an immediate area. It can even do some decent throwing with a range of up to 165 meters. Its side switch should be a familiar interface, and its tail houses its magnetic charging compatible with tech you may already have in your EDC, like a power bank or wall plug.

And of course, investing in an Armytek light means investing in their signature fit and finish. The C1 comes built with the water (up to 10 meters of submersion), dirt, and dust protection standard as with the rest of the Armytek lineup. You also get plenty of options for carrying and using the C1, thanks to its ability to tailstand and included holster and removable clip.

If you've been looking for an excuse to buy into an ultra-rugged and/or rechargeable flashlight, now's your chance to do both. You can pick up the C1 USB from Amazon at the link below.

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Mike ·
This looks like one of the EDC lights that would be very useful to have and at $59.95 on Amazon with free shipping the cost will not bust the bank. Being from up her in the great white north I took a look at this flashlight on Amazon.ca. I was expecting a little markup but the price of $130.00 Canadian plus shipping is a little much. So sadly I will once again look with envy at what others have access to at reasonable prices.
Justin ·
I bought an Armytek Wizard pro headlamp in October on Amazon.ca and paid a fair price, but plus shipping. You could try Armytek's Canadian website, but a quick check suggests they are now shipping from China, although I believe when I checked before they were shipping from Toronto.

I am very impressed with the build quality of my light by the way.
Britt ·
I’ll get it for you and ship it to you if you wish. That markup is ridiculous.
Mike ·
Not to worry, I'm close enough to drive to their Canadian warehouse. I'll just hold off until that have a sale. 🙂
Britt ·
No worries, just trying to help out
Matt ·
Check their e-bay listings as well. I've bought a couple that way and saved on shipping.
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It seems the torch is made in China. I don’t mind paying extra for stuff made in the US or Canada, Europe, too. But I feel it’s wrong to have stuff made in China then pay quite a high price. China’s human rights record, environmental impact and industrial espionage is appalling.
What do you guys think?