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New River Valley, VA
I like to carry items that have been carefully designed both from an aesthetic standpoint and engineering consideration. "Built to last" can look good while doing it.

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TexEx ·
Love your Day-date, when would you ever wear your Victorinox? great carry.
Curtis ·
My victorinox still gets a surprising amount of wrist time. They both have a great deal of sentimental value and it was my first mechanical "watch love". I really enjoy the differences of having them both.
Neel Parmar ·
Nice pry bar!
Curtis ·
Thanks, Neel! It's my knife saver. Keeps me from using my knife in a way it wasn't designed for.
I like the Anthem. Good to see other people from the NRV on here also.
Curtis ·
I have handled about 10 other knives for extended periods of time since purchasing it and none of them have kicked it out of my pocket. It is an amazing knife. I naturally gravitate towards smaller knives (I have a small sebenza 21 on order), but I think I am going to keep and carrying the anthem for a long time.
Shane ·
The Anthem is one of my fave blades and so is the large sebenza which it is quite close to the Anthem in size.
The small sebenza just doesn't have the handle length to get a solid grip on or a long enough blade for me.
J.S. Leonard ·
Nice setup. Hey I love Horology as much if not more than anyone, but do you wear both daily. Be 100% honest. What's your take on your BM 78, Pro's &Con's? I've seen mixed reviews but not from actual owners.
Curtis ·
Hey, thanks for the questions! I probably wear both in the same day at least 4 times a week. When I do, I will usually wear one to work then switch them when I get home. I love them both for very different reasons, so I switch them very frequently. It's not necessary, but neither is owning two watches in the first place, haha.

I personally love my Anthem and use it every day. I have also seen the mixed reviews on the 781. It seems like some of them have bad centering and/or some other basic quality control issues that shouldn't happen at the price range it occupies. Those people are understandably upset, but those who receive examples without any QC issues (like myself) are very happy with them. I got a deal on mine, so I ended up paying 15% less than retail (30% less than the advertised price on Benchmade's website) which made the decision to purchase easier. It is a great slicer and very satisfying to fidget with. I like the looks and function of it along with it being the only integral axis lock knife available. The only thing I would change would be to add a small chamfer on the corners of the slot milled into the handle which can be mildly uncomfortable when gripped tightly.
J.S. Leonard ·
How's the pocket clip? Any issues?
Curtis ·
People have complained about it not touching the handle scale, but I think the gap is perfect. I primarily wear jeans and it stays in my pocket and doesn't feel like it will destroy the edge of my pocket from clipping or unclipping. Thin dress pants may not work as well with it, but for my needs it is great.
Curtis ·
Thanks, Mark!