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Carlo Santos
Manila, Philippines
This is more or less the things I put in whatever EDC bag I have in rotation.

Having them all inside one container makes it easy to switch from one bag to another and not have to worry about which pocket to put which item in.

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craig b ·
This is a great carry idea! I carry a pen case with similar function, but no where as well thought out. Very nice
Carlo Santos ·
Thanks! Took me a while going through various pouches to find one with the right size (and divisions) that works for me :P
T Shrapnel-Carruthers ·
What is the pouch?
T Shrapnel-Carruthers ·
Cancel that. Just seen the link.
Kenny ·
Earplugs for what? Interesting pouch, man. Must've cost quite a bit, I assume.
Carlo Santos ·
Sorry, just saw this now :P

The earplugs are designed to attenuate noise, not block them out entirely so I tend to use them in any situation where I find the environment too noisy for my liking (i.e. venues with bands playing, etc.) and in a pinch to be able even sleep in public - since attenuated volume of crowds is still better than full volume of crowds :P
Kenny ·
I just noticed the Inkwell and the Namisu! Where do you get these in the Philippines? I'm really into FPs. Have you looked at the Namisu Nova?
Carlo Santos ·
Sorry, scrap Amazon - I got the Inkwell through gouletpens.com :P
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Are you sure that's not the Namisu Orion? I have one also. There is no such thing as the Namisu Nexus as far as I can see from their website.
Carlo Santos ·
Most obvious difference is that the Orion has less rings.
Oh cool, I think you are right about the Orion following on from the Nexus. Great pen in any case!
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