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Manker Timeback II Flashlight

Jonathan Tayag
Manker Timeback II Flashlight

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If you're looking for a compact pocketable EDC flashlight that stands out from the rest, the Manker Timeback II is for you. The premium materials used in its design give the Timeback II a distinctive and stunning appearance. And while it does come with a bit of frivolity, the Timeback II is a powerful working light that can stand up to any challenge you face with it in hand.

The Manker Timeback II is fashioned out of precision CNC-machined TC4 titanium and copper. That mix of materials gives it a unique dual-tone look, and you can pick between the different polishes and stonewash finishes to suit your style. The design is also rugged, letting you carry it in confidence even in the worst conditions. The light is rated to survive a hard one-meter drop and it also sports IPX8 water resistance.

With its array of four Cree XPG3 LEDs, the Timeback II is a powerful light. It can put out a maximum 2200 lumens out the front and throw an even, 6500K daylight-balanced light out to 508 feet. Its rear tailswitch lets you change between 8 output modes to fit your situation as well. Its single 18350/16340 battery lasts for around 8-30 minutes on the more powerful tactical output settings, but it'll last you up to 300 hours when brought all the way down to its 'moonlight' one-lumen economy mode.

At just 3.7" long, the Timeback II fits perfectly in hand. The integrated spinner set into the body gives it extra texture to help with grip, as well as give your fingers something to do while idle. Its a fun feature that gives gives this special EDC flashlight a unique character. Give it a try and make it a part of your own everyday carry at the link below.

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david issacson ·
Manker is truly disappointing from a service perspective. I purchased an E14 2 Nichia that did not operate. I had to pay to ship the unit back to Manker. They sent the damaged unit back to me claiming that there was no issue with the light. I purchased a new battery for the unit, which also did not work. They have refused to replace the light. They have said that if I want to pay to ship it back to them, they will inspect it again. The light cost $69.00 , the first return cost me $17.00. It would be at least that to return it again. Never again will I purchase a Manker.
Shayne Caples ·
Nice combo of features in compact form. I like the modes flowchart/schematic (image) they include on Amazon. While I've spent that amount for a knife, I'm not yet ready to do so on a flashlight... I'm sure it's only a matter of time until I succumb, though (*sigh*). =)
Odd - the amazon listing states that it cannot ship to my location (San Jose, CA). Anyone else getting similarly denied?