February 2018 EDC

Kevin J Meyer
Bookseller (age 26)
Basel, Switzerland
As always, I try to keep my EDC as light (1120g / 39oz) and minimalistic as possible, without having to sustain a loss in terms of functionality and looks.

I carry the inexpensive 'Wiko Lenny 3' mobile phone, available for about $50. There's nothing remotely fancy about it, but since I use my device only for WhatsApp, phone calls, YT, IG, my mail accounts and a hand full of other apps, it works for me just fine.

The 'Obitkey' I carry since 2016 holds up pretty nicely, although it's beginning to slowly unravel some threads here and there.

Since I work in retail (comic shop employee) and I talk quiet a lot & got to have nice/moist lips, so I don't have to lick my lips every other second. 'Burt's Bees' lip balm just works like a charm for that application.

Not pleased with my new-ish 'Vincero' watch, like at all... (it just doesn't perform as much as I thought) opting for a Swiss 'Tissot Classic Dream' in the near future for sure.

Pretty happy with my 'Bullet Space Pen' and 'Uni Kuru Toga Roulette' even though I think about swapping them out against a 'Zebra F-701’ and a 'Hardcore Hardware Australia TWI-02'.

It's been one year since I bought the 'ARKtype PMK' and I'm as stoked about it as on the first day I got it. The quick release magnetic clasp is the sh#t!

Jesper Voxnaes' 'Pilar' is a brilliant little utility-task frame lock which is in use every single day, since I acquired it.

The self-defence tool I chose is the ‘Ka-Bar TDI’, which I never used and I don't foresee myself ever using. Deployment of the TDI is quick and easy, also I like the fact, that its equally useful in a pistol grip or in a more traditional karambit-style grip.

I also might invest in a non-lethal option such as a pepper spray and the before mentioned tactical pen as a force multiplier.

I finally got myself a (minimalistic) 'Recycled Firefighter Leather Sergeant' wallet and I really dig it so far. It holds six cards, CHF 20 - CHF 100 in cash as well as a CHF 5.- coin.

Wishbone Goods' 'Field Notes Cover' developed some nice patina over the last year and keeps my writing implements together quite neatly, ever since I received it.

The 'Leatherman Squirt PS4' as well as the 'Victorinox Classic SD' are going to get swapped out against the 'Leatherman Style PS' in just a few weeks. Even though the first two tools almost don’t add any additional weight to my carry, they do bulk up my keychain quite a bit.

It's been about one year since I got the 'Olight i3E EOS' and it has served me well with its 90-lumen output. I'm going to opt for an 'Olight i1R EOS' and an 'Olight i3T EOS' (for my EDC organizer) as soon as they come out, nonetheless.

NOTE: Please keep in mind, that I work as a bookseller and live in a sub-urban to urban area in Switzerland, with a moderate climate. The law is pretty generous concerning knives (forbidden are e.g. OTF's, autos, daggers & balisongs and tools like batons, knuckles etc.) and environmental disasters like hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, landslides, floods are (almost) non-existent, at least where I'm located at.

So, you won’t see hardly any survival tools (fire starter, bush craft knife, water purification tablets etc.) in my carry loadout, as well as just a basic I.F.A.K. which is customized to my personal needs.

If you are interested in my most current EDC-IFAK: http://everydaycarry.com/posts/27041/february-2018-edc---ifak

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So you practically are carrying four knifes with you, yet you write about keeping it as minimalistic as possible. Do they perform different tasks? Seriously curious about that one.
Kevin J Meyer ·
Hi Max, thanks for your comment.

I used to carry two knives and two multi-tools.

I use the Pilar everyday at work and carry the TDI for obvious reasons.

I've been carrying the Squirt for quite a while now, but really didn't like the fact, that I don't got any tweezers on me...so I got a Victorinox Classic as well as the Alox SD as a gift and been playing around with them. (the Alox one is just really nice to fiddle with in the pocket)

Long story short, I already ordered a Leatherman Style PS to eliminate the bulk/weight in my carry. Should've bought that item a long time ago...

Hope that helped explaining my carry.

Have a good one!