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The 6 Best Swiss Army Knives to Gift This Valentine's Day

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The 6 Best Swiss Army Knives to Gift This Valentine's Day

The holidays may have passed, but you’re not in the clear yet. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you have no idea what else your significant other could possibly want, consider something a little more practical than a box of chocolates (though that’s never a bad idea). The Swiss Army Knife is about as classic a tool as it gets and Victorinox now has multiple offerings, making it easier than ever to stay prepared without weighing down your pockets.

Whether that important man or woman in your life needs a discreet tool for the office or something a little more robust for your weekend adventures together, the timeless SAK has you covered. We picked a few of their more versatile options that should bring a smile to any EDCer from the rugged outdoorsperson to the modern gent, and everyone in between.

SwissChamp SilverTech

If priority number one is functionality, then go for the SwissChamp SilverTech. This robust SAK adds a medium pocket knife to your carry along with 31 other tools, putting everything from a toothpick to a metal saw in something that easily fits in your pocket. At only 6.5 ounces the Swisschamp stuffs everything you’d need for a weekend camping in a body that won’t look out of place at the office, either. Especially if you opt for the SilverTech scales which adds a touch of modern style to an otherwise rugged tool.


SwissCard Lite

If pocket space is limited then you can’t go wrong with the SwissCard Lite. Victorinox took some of their most used tools and put them in an award-winning design that fits in your wallet right next to your cards and cash. As long as you have your wallet on you you’ll have screwdrivers, tweezers, a pen, and it even has a small LED for lighting places that your phone or flashlight might be too big to get to. Although its design makes it the perfect backup tool, the feature-packed Swisscard Lite has enough going for it that even if it’s the only tool you carry you should be able to handle most everyday tasks.


MiniChamp Alox

When discretion is key, a smaller tool like the MiniChamp Alox might be the perfect gift. At only 2.3-inches it’s not hard to see how the Minichamp gets its name. Which makes it all the more impressive that Victorinox was able to stuff in the equivalent of a utility belt. You’ll get a total of 15 tools including scissors, a small blade, an orange peeler, bottle opener, and Phillips screwdriver just to name a few. The Minichamp Alox might not be the ideal choice for the outdoor enthusiast, but for anyone who works in an office it’s a great way to tackle everyday tasks. Not to mention it only weighs 1.4 ounces so simply adding it to a keychain just in case tool isn’t a bad idea either.


Spartan PS

If you want something simple that nails the basics, go with the Spartan PS. It’s all-black Polispectral coating adds a unique twist to the durable multi-tool, making it appear different shades of gray depending on the lighting. But besides the new blacked-out color option you’ll still get all of the tools that made the original Spartan great. A handy 2.4-inch large blade is perfect for food prep while a second smaller blade can handle box-opening duties. Throw in a bottle opener and corkscrew and this might be the gift that keeps on giving.


SwissTool Spirit

If you know they tinker with bigger projects and depend on a good set of pliers, Victorinox has you covered there too with the SwissTool Spirit. Where most traditional multi-tools have a rugged aesthetic to them, the Swisstool opts for a more minimal design. While this 7.4 ounce stainless steel might look simple, it's packed with 27 durable tools meant to get the job done ranging from scissors to metal saws. A sturdy locking systems prevents any mishaps while the tool is in use. If you’re looking for a solid multi-tool for EDC the Swisstool should be on your shortlist.


Cadet Alox

We all aim to streamline our EDC so that we only have to carry the essentials, and that’s exactly what Victorinox did with the Cadet Alox. By removing some less frequently used tools and improving the scales, they were able to make the Cadet more compact and sturdier than ever. Along with the usual suspects like screwdriver and can opener, you’ll also get a 2-inch blade and a wire stripper making this tool equal parts gent's knife and sleek multi-tool.


This is a sponsored post presented by Victorinox.

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Charles Buchwald ·
Have to say I love the SwissCard Lite and carry it every day. Sometimes I combine it with a silicone band to make a very compact card wallet. Sometimes I swap a Kensington USB key for the knife, especially if it needs to be TSA compliant. You can drill hole in one corner to attach a lanyard, which is pretty useful, too. It's surprising how useful the pen, scissors and magnifying glass have been. The light is not very bright, but good as a last ditch backup. Now I want to swap the toothpick, which I really never use, for that new ferrocerium Firefly accessory. In any event, highly recommended.
Thanks for the good mod suggestions!
Jared ·
Thanks for the share! I'm a big Swiss Army believer. I just bought the Victorinox Swiss Army Nail Clip 580 and am really impressed with it so far. But I must say the Cadet Alox looks super clean. I may just add this to my edc soon..
Could you tell me the name of the wallet in the photo with the swisscard lite? Thanks!
Great list. My vote would be for the SAK Manager in place of the MiniChamp Alox for the office-dwellers though. I will say the MiniChamp is better looking and would make a more handsome V-day gift, so I see that perspective. But IMO I'd trade out a few of the rarely used / redundant tools on the MiniChamp for the more practical tweezers and [emergency back-up] pen of the Manager.
Sazali Samsuddin ·
I like the swiss card lite and thinking of getting one. Maybe you guys can write up an article on the best way to carry it or even better “the best wallets for swiss card”. I constantly carry 6 to 8 cards everyday and wondering what is the best minimalist wallet for a Swisscard, cards and some cash. Thanks.
Charles Buchwald ·
Just get a good silicone band and then the SwissCard _is_ the wallet.
Mike Renna ·
oh gosh! I though it would be a water purification pill (or scrap paper....) but it looks like a little screwdriver!?
Mike Renna ·
What's that most likely very handy thing in the corkscrew in the 1st picture?
Bernard Capulong ·
It's a little precision flathead screw driver!