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5 Leather Gear Organizers for EDC

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Ed Jelley
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Bernard Capulong
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5 Leather Gear Organizers for EDC

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Few materials get better over time, and leather is one of them. In addition to picking up an awesome looking patina, it gets softer and easier to use the more you carry it. It's an ideal material for certain EDC gear because of its natural durability and ease to work with. The increasingly popular gear caddy is an excellent example of this, leveraging leather's versatility to accommodate essentials of all shapes and sizes in a variety of pocket layouts. In this guide, we're highlighting caddies crafted from premium leathers sourced from some of the best and oldest tanneries in existence. Read on to take a look at some handsome leather options for organizing and carrying your EDC that'll only get better the more you carry them.

Hitch and Timber EDC Card Caddy

Hitch and Timber’s EDC Card Caddy is an excellent way to carry around just the essentials. This handmade leather caddy has room for a small pocket knife, a pocket pen, and some cards/cash. Its minimalist design cuts down on bulk while keeping all your gear securely held together in your pocket. There’s even a metal grommet/lanyard built into the top so you can quickly retrieve it from your pocket. Hitch & Timber uses premium leather from the Horween factory and burnishes all of their edges for a clean, smooth finish.

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Bellroy All-Conditions Essentials Pocket

The AC Essentials Pocket from Bellroy comes as a more modern wallet option with room for some additional gear in its technical zip-up pouch design. It features water-resistant leather and zippers, ideal for keeping your phone and backup battery inside. There’s 5 internal utility pockets, room for cards and cash, and even includes a micro-sized travel pen for jotting down notes on the go. At 7.25x4.72”, it’s not the smallest organizer out there, but some users will appreciate the extra room it provides.

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One Star Leather Goods EDC-1 Caddy

One Star Leather Goods is a small shop cranking out premium handmade leather goods right in Los Angeles, CA. Their EDC-1 Caddy is crafted from one of the most desirable and durable leathers out there—Horween Shell Cordovan. The leather has a high sheen, resistance to wrinkles, and conforms over time to your gear. Just one look and you’ll notice that the premium look and finish. This knife and pen slip is great for slip joint knives and the classic Fisher Space Pen Bullet—two items that typically don’t have clips.

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Galen Leather Zippered 5 Slot Pen Case

Galen Leather's zippered pouch is designed with carrying writing instruments in mind, but that doesn't mean it can't moonlight as a classy case for your EDC. Inside the premium leather outside, there's a soft suede-style lining to protect your gear. On one side of the case, you'll find 5 elastic slots that can easily fit a pen, flashlight, slip joint style knife, and more. The opposite side is left open to store an A6 sized notebook. The case is held closed with a rugged zipper with a leather pull tab to make it easy to open. There are plenty of colors to choose from, including several rich shades of brown, black, navy blue, green, and red. Galen Leather’s products are all handmade in their workshop in Turkey. Each item comes beautifully packaged in a rustic presentation box.

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Urban EDC Supply Organizer Mini

This pocket-sized organizer from Urban EDC Supply is the perfect home for your cards, flashlight, and knife. The folded over design keeps everything in a slim, easy-to-carry package. It features durable saddle stitching with waxed poly cord and full grain Dublin leather from Horween Leather Company. The mini organizer is an excellent way to streamline your carry and keep all of your pocket gear quick and easy to retrieve.


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i made my own and i use it every day.
Driyel ·
Denis Hauser ·
You forgot the "TFG EDC WLT" in the list! ;-)
Efrain Suarez II ·
These are all OUTSTANDING!
Mathieu Gillet ·
i really like those minimalist leather carriers. Bulky carriers are not for me.
Buff ·
Moonshine Leatherworks makes killer pocket caddies, knife slips, etc. as well!
International Man Of Myst ·
I have several Hitch & Timber units and they are superb. Over time they really soften up to a really nice, flexible leather (mind you I condition mine when I rotate them every so often).
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