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Great info. The mag capacity is a huge caveat. I live in Mass...max. Mag capacity is 10.
If that's the case, then look into the Sig Sauer P365. It's essentially the same but slimmer, much better for conceal carry and comes standard with two 10 round mags.
Hey how are you liking the p320? It’s in the running for my next purchase. I have the m&p 9mm which I love I just don’t know if I want another 9mm or go to a .45 xds compact
It's smooth. The recoil and muzzle flip are very manageable, trigger pull is near minimal and reset is crisp. Easy takedown for cleaning too. The 45 xds is great too, just lower clip capacity, versus the 15 round double stack mags of the p320 carry model. I highly recommend it
Unfortunately, the P365 is not legal yet in Mass. I believe dig did submit the certification paperwork (fingers crossed)