March 2018 EDC

Santa Fe, NM
New month and a new watch: the Victorinox Infantry is a big upgrade from the Timex Weekender I carried previously; hopefully it holds up better too. The Urban EDC wallet is a fairly new addition; pretty happy with it so far, though switching tools frequently does leave it a bit distended, and carrying more than a few bills is tight since they need to be folded twice. Ditched the flashlight in the bag, but doubling up on pens and sharp objects.

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Aravind V ·
That's an absolutely fantastic watch. I've had mine for a few years now, and I'm still smitten with it. Hope you enjoy it!
craig b ·
Nice! Does your watch have a screw down case back? I'm looking for something like this!
McAllister ·
Not sure about the back, it looks like it would need a spanner to open. If you're referring to the crown, or dial used to set the time, no it does not have a screw down crown. If that's what you want, then you're best bet is with a diver's watch. They often have that feature, as it's a good way to add water resistance. This watch does Ok at a 100m resistance.
craig b ·