March 2018 EDC

Kevin J Meyer
Bookseller (age 26)
Basel, Switzerland
As always, I try to keep my EDC as light (975g / 34oz) and minimalistic as possible, without having to sustain a loss in terms of functionality and looks.

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Marcus ·
No Swiza?
Kevin J Meyer ·
Hi Marcus, no, at least not for now. I tried to build my EDC even more compact this time and therefore had to ditch some redundant items (like the Victorinox / Leatherman) and got the Style, which doesn't take away any room in my pockets, since a clip it to one of my belt loops.
Marcus ·
Roger that! I found the Swiza on 70% sale so i bought 4 in diffrent colours, black, blue, red and white! Just for the fun off it. 4 knives for the price of one.