Maxed out EDC Pocket Dump

Machinist (age 22)
Charlotte, NC
This is my max for carrying loose items in a pocket without carrying a backpack. Most of the items carry over from my other EDCs. I think I hit pretty much all the essential for an EDC when I'm away from home and work. I also didn't have my Casio G-SHOCK on this day. Any input on what I can add would be great. I try to keep my cost low and the quality high with all my tools. My Machine Era Co. Solid brass pen is fantastic has a nice patina on it now from rolling around my pocket, also love my beloved Pilot G2 cartridge. Switched back to the factory scales on my benchmade, needed to lighten up my pockets a bit. Also I am very pleased with my Nite Ize S-Biner, works for me better than my old KeyBar. All in all these are all my work horses, nothing fancy but they all get the job done

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Karl Hicks ·
If I were to make one suggestion, it would be to check out Zebralight. They make what I believe are THEE best EDC lights on the market. They aren't super throwers or pocket flooders, they're just no BS lights with a brilliant UI. If you're not familiar with lithium ion rechargable batteries they have some amazingly bright AA options. Check out the H53c and SC5W Mk II.
Mark ·
Todd the mini tuff lite rules.I have the mini and full love them both.
toddpetrucci32 ·
Yes great cheap knife takes a beating in my pocket great for hard cutting use