Switching it up Friday

Astoria, OR

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Love the knife. I tie monkey's fists on the pull cord switches in my house.
That's actually a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration!
I tie them around a child's glass marble, if that's any help
Seen that before, going to try that. thanks!
Nice mix of modern and and classy stuff. Looks great. Love your knife with the Monkey's Fist.
Thanks man! The monkeys fist was a retirement gift from a friend of a friend, very well done!
Loving the cigar EDC ;)
Awesome wenger, since when you have it? i bet it has so many stories to tell
Hi! I’ve had that one for about 20 years, it’s been in and out of my ‘line up’ but it’s seen more than a few fishing trips.
What in the pouch?
Hey Eric, I put random EDC items in there, whatever I'm currently carrying.
Can you please tell me what iPhone case that is?
It's a Shieldon from Amazon.
I dig the pirate patch man, right on. So, what's in the bag? Heh heh just band aids n stuff?
I put most of my edc stuff in there, my wife calls it my ‘murse’ lol, I prefer ‘European carry-all’ :)
That's exactly why I use a Swedish gas mask bag as a messenger bag, when people call it a man-purse or whatever I say, "this is a gas mask bag." That usually stuns them into silence. They don't have a feminising comeback for that one.