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Toronto, Canada

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Nice Ramy, good job on the wallet.
Thank you ! I got the idea from Pinterest :)
Good looking EDC. How do you carry the CANDIRU? I prefer a fixed myself but is that what makes it a weekend carry for you?
I'm also wondering about the fixed blade. J.S. Leonard almost talked me into it, and I'm still on the fence.
I have many folders and mt,s and Vic's but I have to be honest the most reliable carry I ever had in my past 5 years has to be a fixed coupled with a vic.
I can write and article explaining my conclusion lol.
And to answer your questions I carry it clipped inside my pocket with the handle really sticking out hense the weekend carry! .. you got that right in your conclusion. I'm working on a deep carry plastic clip that will drive it deeper into my pocket and it will be my EDC EDC if that makes sense .. cheers guys
Nice carry! how do you like the Citizen Avion?? Been checking them out recently and just curious..
I like mine, cause I have big wrists it fits well as it's a bigger watch.. but the straps are very uncomfortable, changed it to gray silicon straps now I wear it everyday fantastic I'll upload a set up soon with the new strap! Cheers bud!