Reliable, Functional and Simple

An everyday carry that is both functional and simple. It helps me get through my day without having to think about that shoulda brought this with me moment. My tools are of reliable quality and get the job done. If something fails me it gets replaced with something that wont!

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I use one of those cutting mats (well, two, really....a larger & smaller) because I do a lot of textile-related craft work like quilting, sewing, etc. I dont do crazy stuff like wedding gowns, just basic small-to-medium stuff for myself and some gifts. Never thought to use one for picture backgrounds, though. Might try that and see how it works for my EDC picture. I'm going to start branching out into paper crafts, such as small notebooks flowers made out of paper, or other weird things I have to cut up or such. I might get a clipboard-size one in case I want to take it with me somewhere, but havent decided yet. 3Prcntr, they are good for cutting, but I wouldnt use them for cutting food. It would likely make your food taste yucky. It's meant for those who cut fabrics or paper or such, not a wood cutting board. Sorry. I sometimes dust it off with an old towel and use it as extra spaces to organize jigsaw-puzzle pieces too. I usually like those 10,000-or-more jigsaw sets, but sometimes have to move the jigsaw off my desk or dining table, and the cutting mats help with that. They do hang up well in closets, with big strong clips attached to hangers or a closet-pole or hooks on the wall or something. I would be careful to not let it bend while putting it somewhere, or you'll never get the thing flat again. Either lay it flat or hang it vertically like a giant skirt or something, ok? Trust me. I accidentally got one of mine bent when something slid in a moving truck, and it hasnt flattened out yet after almost a year. Still hoping...but we'll see. Have fun with yours, Tara
I have one of the 9"x12" mats that I use at work. One nice thing about that size is that it fits upright in my bookshelf between magazines and legal pads which keeps it nice and flat. I needed to cut small pieces of electrical tape that were all a uniform size and perfectly rectangular and this along with a rolling cutter made that job a breeze.
I just picked up one of those cutting mats. Cannot wait for it to get here. They had one that was 96x48. I have no idea where I would put it or what I could use it for, but I want it.