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Matt ·
The jealousy I'm feeling right now is both irrational and palpable.

I've been looking for a 365 to handle or rent.

How has it been? Has it been reliable? Does it shoot well? Why did you choose it over other options (beyond the increased capacity)?

Sorry for the question barrage....
Aaron ·
Hi, Matt! I had wanted one since they were announced at the beginning if the year... for a couple of months they were recalled to correct some issues customers were reporting, then they re-released an unofficial “Gen 2” model. The Gen 2 now comes with SIG XRay3 night sights (the same that come on their Legion Series of pistols). When I got mine, at the beginning of April, they were impossible to find. I actually got lucky and walked into my local gun shop one day and they said, “Actually, we have one left!”.

I’ve fired around 100 rounds through it to basically make sure it would cycle with my carry ammo (Federal 124gr +P HST)... it’s been perfect. It shoots incredibly well. I get very tight groups with it, and I actually expected more recoil. Trigger is better than my P320. It’s been in my waistband every day since.

I have a Glock 43, but the 6 round capacity always left me feeling a bit insecure, so I would usually carry my Glock 19, or my SIG P320 Compact.... The P365 and the G43 are actually exactly the same width (+/- 0.02”). The P365 slide is quite a bit shorter than the Glock. The grips are the biggest difference I’ve noticed. The P365 actually feels smaller than the G43, but feels better at the same time. Let me explain. The G43 grip is longer front-to-back (imagine holding a deck of playing cards in your hand), while the 365 is shorter front-to-back. This makes the P365 feel “rounder” if that makes any sense, which is much more comfortable to me. The grip angle on the P365 feels a bit more “vertical” also.... I’ve decided to sell my G43, it just seems obsolete now.

And, yeah, capacity! 6+1 vs 10+1 is a no brainer.... not the mention the 12+1 mag that I picked up immediately, it fills out the hand PERFECTLY, giving that full four-finger grip.

I don’t think you’ll be disppointed.
Aaron ·
.... and questions are always welcomed.
Matt ·
Thanks Aaron, much appreciated. I can't wait to find one.