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Dango Belt and Belt Fob Bundle

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Dango Belt and Belt Fob Bundle

Making the most out of every piece of gear is what EDCers do best, from their most functional multi-tool down to something as simple as a belt. More than a piece of leather that keeps your pants in check, a belt gives you extra space and potential for even more utility, something Dango have already done with their Dango Belt. Now they're introducing more functionality with their new Belt Fob, a companion accessory that fits perfectly on the belt that gives you even more options for EDC and security.

The Dango Belt itself comes in two parts: a strap handmade in the USA from Italian vegetable-tanned leather, and a 7-piece buckle machined from high-strength but lightweight 7075 aluminum. The buckle also holds a capsule that integrates into its frame, a discreet part of its design that gives you a space to hold small essentials such as pills, matches, or a secret stash for cash.

The Belt Fob itself is made from the same Italian vegetable-tanned leather in Jet Black or Whiskey Brown. It matches the Dango Belt perfectly, or accommodates belt widths up to 2.1” if you'd like to match it to one you already own.  It can also act independently as a key fob, with its stainless steel hardware acting as a tether point for keys or for securing your phone or wallet pairing nicely with Dango's other products.

Carry well, carry safely, but above all, carry in style. You can pick up the Dango Belt and Belt Fob Bundle in your choice of size and color direct from Dango at the link below.

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Jason Ross ·
Can't find the measurements on the belt.. does anyone know? Width? Thickness?