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Made in the USA EDC Gear

Adam Molina
Made in the USA EDC Gear

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As the United States turns 242 years old today, it's a good reminder that some of the best quality gear you can get is made right here in the states. In this round-up we're highlighting gear made in the USA from crowd favorite brands as well as smaller makers you might not have heard of. Whether you’re looking for a notebook to write in, a new pocketknife, or just a water bottle to stay hydrated this summer, there’s a little bit of everything here.

Gerber Sharkbelly

The Gerber Sharkbelly hits the sweet spot between functionality and affordability, all while being made in the USA. This EDC-sized lockback knife weighs only 2.3 ounces and has a 3.25” long, 420HC sheepsfoot blade well-suited to handle most everyday tasks. Its slim handles come complete with its namesake “gills” for added grip during hard use.

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Field Notes Coastal Special Edition

Field Notes are one of the more recognizable notebooks brands in EDC, and these special edition notebooks are showing some love to the country’s coasts. The pack comes with three notebooks that, when lined up correctly, shows the entire west coast of the USA. If you’re on the east side don’t worry, they have you covered as well.

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Karas Kustoms Retrakt

One of the best pens you can get for EDC is the Karas Kustoms Retrakt, made in Arizona. The pen comes in a few different metals ranging from brass to aluminum, accepts Pilot G2 ink, and is an all-around smooth writing utensil. For a more durable upgrade to the disposable plastic pen, the Retrakt is a solid option.

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Leatherman Wingman Black & Silver Limited Edition

The Leatherman Wingman is arguably one of the best multi-tools you can due to its well-chosen toolset in a highly portable design. Now it comes in a sleek silver and black color option if you want your EDC to be especially unique. Better yet, the Wingman is a great value in Leatherman's line-up of tools, making it a great bang for your buck.

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Trayvax Summit Notebook

When it comes to EDC, the name of the game is making sure you have your gear when you need it. One way to ensure this is to combine two items into one. Take the Trayvax Summit Notebook, which adds an all-weather 20-page notebook to a durable RFID blocking leather wallet for example. Whether you’re looking to write more or just need a new wallet, the Summit Notebook is worth a look.

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Liberty Bottleworks Aluminum Water Bottle

Summer is in full swing, which means that staying hydrated is even more important now. The BPA-free, recyclable aluminum bottle is perfect for hauling water in a convenient, lightweight setup. Wherever your summer adventures may take you, having a source of refreshing water in a bottle you can rely on is just being smart.

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Bradford Guardian 3

A good EDC knife can go a long way, and the Bradford Guardian 3 is a prime example of that. Whether you’re going out camping for the weekend, doing yard work, or just slicing your way through small everyday tasks, this a fixed blade you can rely on. Best of all, it’s made from start to finish in Washington state.

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The Brown Buffalo Conceal Pack

Finding a good bag can be tough, and finding one made in the USA can be even tougher. Luckily, there a few brands making their mark, one of them being The Brown Buffalo out of Costa Mesa, CA. Their Conceal Pack mixes minimal design with practical organization features that make it a great bag whether you’re commuting to work or need a carry-on for your next vacation. Make sure to give this local company a chance and check out all of its useful features before deciding on your next bag.

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Goldthunder ·
Recycled firefighter
Montana Actual ·
I have a lot of their gear, but I do wish they would do a Rite In The Rain cover with black leather, or the tan leather stuff like their captain wallets. Same with the field notes cover. I got a field notes cover and the firehose looked brand new and did not match my wallet at all. My wallet looks distressed and worn like a recycled firehose should.

Great gear. They just need more options and specifications to the material used. I am too OCD to mix gear ;)
Zane Dufour ·
Gotta throw in anything tactile turn makes. I love my second gen shaker so much!
Travis ·
I have some bags from Adventure Tool Company, made out in Colorado. Love them! Heavy duty and useful for work as well as regular life. They also make some smaller mesh pouches that are extremely useful.
Montana Actual ·
Made in USA, but are they assembled in the USA as well? Apparently, the two are not the same... and that is a sham, I mean, shame...
Amanda Mooney ·
They're not the same. "Made in the USA" means that the product is designed and produced in the United States, using American-sourced materials. Then sometimes a product is Made in the USA, but materials are globally sourced. "Assembled" or "Built" in the USA just means that the product is produced in the USA, but design takes place elsewhere and material are imported.

I develop content for an army surplus store where this is an important distinction to explain to our customers.
Montana Actual ·
I know. That is the problem.