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What Are Your Favorite Features in an EDC Pouch?

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Bernard Capulong
What Are Your Favorite Features in an EDC Pouch?

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EDCers as a whole seem to be big fans of the pouch organizer. It's our secret weapon for managing all of our gear that's hard to carry, but entirely necessary. But just as our EDCs can vary drastically from person to person, so can a pouch organizer. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles. 

Since so many of you out there use pouch organizers, we want to know… 

What does the perfect EDC pouch look like to you?

If you don't have an EDC pouch yet, read on for a quick primer on some features and qualities to look for when searching for your own.

1. Size

Depending on the size of the pouch, you can use it for different applications. “Micro” sized EDC pouches can be a minimalist's dream — an entirely self-contained kit of small items that would otherwise be hard to keep track of, like a first aid or survival kit. 

Something more pocket-sized can be your grab-and-go kit with full-sized items to cover your bases. These are probably the most popular and most versatile style, since it can work in a cargo or coat pocket as well as on its own or in a bag. 

Then, larger pouches can add organization to your bag while handling cumbersome or awkwardly shaped items like cables, notebooks, and tablets. They're especially good for keeping in your car or if you tend to switch between bags and luggages often.

What's your preferred size of pouch? Micro, pocket, or something larger?

2. Format and Layout

Typically, pouch organizers open with a zipper and lay flat like a book, with different organization features on either side. This style is especially popular since it gives an “at a glance” look at everything you need, making retrieval and storage especially easy. 

This isn't always the case, though, as some EDCers prefer to use a “stuff sack” styled utility pouch with a single zipper that runs across the top with no internal organization. This is better for simpler carries and can be useful when you just need a degree of separation from the rest of your gear, like a change of clothes or toiletries. 

Some pouches are more vertically oriented and work more like a belt sheath or holster. This style of organizer makes for easy access and can be handled more easily when you're on the go.

What's your favorite style of pouch?

3. Organization Features

Even with the right size and style, it's crucial that your organizer works the way you're most comfortable with. The simplest and most common form of gear organization is webbing: elastic loops of varying widths and placements that fit most EDC gear well, like pocket knives, multi-tools, pens, and cables. 

You also see slip pockets for flat items like notebooks or credit cards too. Sometimes you can find organizers with internal zippered pockets, which keep tiny essentials that wouldn't typically fit in webbing. 

Other features to consider include external compartments like a zippered or slip pocket, hook-and-loop or MOLLE webbing for modularity, mesh pockets for visibility, and soft-lined pockets for delicate gadgets or eyewear.

What kind of internal organization do you find most useful?

4. Materials and Appearance

Last but not least, it's important to pay attention to what your organizer is made of. High denier nylon is usually your best bet since it's durable yet soft, allowing the pouch to conform to the gear you fill it with. However, you might want something made of leather for a more professional looking carry. Outdoorsy EDCers might want some kind of waterproof technical material to protect their gear from the elements. 

You should also consider color: while black, OD green, and khaki are classic, muted colors that blend well with tactical gear, it might not be the most practical where high visibility is an advantage. For example, you'd probably want a bright red or orange colored pouch for a first aid or survival kit. Brighter colors are easier to see at the bottom of your pack or if you happen to drop it when out in the field.

What's your favorite material for your organizer?

Hopefully you've gotten some ideas about not just what you carry, but how you carry it too. We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Leave a comment describing what the EDC pouch of your dreams looks like and who knows… maybe it'll become a reality!

Bernard Capulong

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

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In addition to being the editor-in-chief and main social media personality for EverydayCarry.com, Bernard is an avid gearhead and collector in general. His personal collections span technical bags, fountain pens, digital cameras, retro gaming hardware, personal hi-fi audio gear, and mechanical wristwatches, to name a few. Bernard Capulong is a prominent figure and trusted authority in the everyday carry industry with a career dedicated to helping people discover this hobby and stay prepared with quality gear.

Discussion (39 total)

Jesse DeMent ·
I am a big fan of Maxpedition myself. I have a few different sizes and have given them away as gifts to my boys.
Jhn-Pl Cllmr ·
For what I need it for, Maxpedition gets the job done at a great price point too. I own 3
Mark Tully ·
Nothing beats a Skinth pouch on your belt.
Frank ·
Totally agree
Francisco Rueda ·
What is the name of the waterproof orange puch in the image at number 4?
William Lee ·
yes what is that pouch? but to add to discussion I love the pouches from GATURA on etsy. I asked him to modify one of his models for belt carry.
Joe B ·
Love the stuff from GATURA. I really want to get one of their EDC organizers.
Franklion ·
I checked out all of their organizers and i'm instantly in love. THANK YOU both for posting about this shop. I've never seen organizers designed like those, with the various pocket sizes, dimensions and orientations. 81 color combinations, awesome materials, and extremely affordable! They look amazing. I want one of each. Hahaha. There goes my budget.
Franklion ·
Just ordered a Gatura EDC pouch, and one of his paracord keychains.
Georgi Trufchev ·
Click on the image. It will take you to the item's amazon page :)
Brandon ·
Pretty sure the orange one is a Belroy All-Conditions Essentials Pocket in orange Leather
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CD Pace ·
I would recommend Maxpedtion, It has been with me on five deployments. I have used bags and pouches for more than twenty years. Its tough as heck I use Maxpedtion for all my go bags in my RV, Jeep and truck. I don't leave home without it.
weehawk ·
I like tiny pouches with lots of internal organization for small, fussy items that I want to be able to find easily. I like Maxpedition, Lihit, Lab, and Cocoon. I also like larger, simple pouches made of waterproof material for organizing larger items. I don't have brands I like for these. As long as they work I'm happy. I usually stick all of this into a small backpack. I live in the city and take public transportation, so I like lots of organization options that I can switch out as necessary, and so that I never end up carrying more than I think I may need that day in a worst-case scenario.
Trevor ·
Was anyone here a staunch pocket person until they tried there first edc pouch? I always wonder if I can get in the habit of carrying a pouch. I do like the idea of having lighter pocketed!
weehawk ·
I am a woman, who therefore has to suffer through insufficient or non-existent pocket situations quite often. I know, this sounds like the opposite of your problem--but because I have to carry some sort of bag all the time, I have an incentive to carry the least-annoying bag I can find for whatever occasion. I would try out some very minimalist options and focus on using it to organize the items that are most annoying to have in your pocket.
Trevor ·
Thanks for the reply. And good point! My fiancee carries an ontario rat 2, we recently had to take the deep carry clip off it though because her pockets are so small that the clip couldn't fully engage onto the fabric.
Jure eparovi ·
Jure eparovi ·
Jure eparovi ·
Jure eparovi ·
Jure eparovi ·
Jure eparovi ·
Jure eparovi ·

Ethan Embry ·
My favorite brand is maxpedition
Daniel Mendez ·
What is the name of the one being used in the first and second image?
Charles Buchwald ·
I recently started using the Black Ember Citadel Modular pack and several of their integrated accessory pouches, which they call "mods". I really like the LG_ADMIN mod, a pouch for EDC essentials. It's a bit slimmer than some mentioned here. The heavy duty waterproof materials and welded construction are also pretty different. I like that it connects fairly quickly and easily to outside of the pack, or slips inside even more easily, and can be carried with their shoulder strap by itself. The magnetic flap and outside pockets really add to the utility.
Charles Buchwald ·
I recently started using the Black Ember Citadel Modular pack and several of their integrated accessory pouches, which they call "mods". I really like the LG_ADMIN mod, a pouch for EDC essentials. It's a bit slimmer than some mentioned here. The heavy duty waterproof materials and welded construction are also pretty different. I like that it connects fairly quickly and easily to outside of the pack, or slips inside even more easily, and can be carried with their shoulder strap by itself. The magnetic flap and outside pockets really add to the utility.
zatoichi ·
For me I use a large Magpul Daka to carry most of my stuff. It works well with my backpack.
Allan Frydenlund ·
I employ pouches for a variety of uses, from backpack to phone holster to pocket EDC to small and large BOB / get home bag. Favorite size: 4"x6" for pocket, 5x7 for mini-BOB and flashlights with accessories. Favorite format and layout: lay flat like a book. Favorite organization features: see-through pockets (mesh or plastic) so I can easily see and extract what I am after, and Velcro so I can easily attach small items that do not lend themselves well to pocket organization. Favorite materials and appearance: black ballistic nylon, for wear resistance, configurability, and simple elegance.
Sanny N Hamdani ·
Condor Side Kick is more thin than Helikontex Urban Admin pouch but more bigger on width and length
Robin Caudle ·
I am a garbage man and I drive all trucks that deal with garbage. I have several bags from ruck sacks to belt bags. What I need is a bag that handles 2 drink compartments, as well as what I carry in my pockets. Need a hand towel for sweat, as well as day to day tools. Yes a garbage man uses tools, plyers, knives , lighter, there is more to garbage than just trash.
I've owned vanquest, maxpedition, grid it and a tech organizer by staples... The vanquest is far superior to the maxpedition. I use it as my Bob /get home set up. And the gridit is used as a low profile executive carry... 💭 Of switching it to my vehicle edc...
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