Wood, Cu and Leather

Pretoria, South Africa
As a Medical student from South Africa this is all the gear I need for a days work. The Pen and leather notebook gets used the most, the pen is handmade by a friend, while the notebook cover I made myself based on the MOD design. The knife is a opinel in walnut, it’s elegant and classy so it doesn’t cause too many frowns when I use it. The wallet is a slim car holder in brown leather, it fits nicely with the watch and notebook. The watch is a useful chronograph and is also in the brown leather I love. The victorinox is a cadet in bronze it goes nicely with the copper olight and fits the overall leather and wood esthetic. The keychain is a lego Yoda with a flashlight in its feet, it’s not only functional, but also shows off my “whimsical” side.

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