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Nitecore Concept 2

Mikey Bautista
Nitecore Concept 2

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Here's a concept: imagine 6,500 lumens scorching your eyeballs coming from a compact cuboid the size of a small soda can. Or a candle that's able to light up your surroundings for the next two and a half months. While it may sound like something out of science fiction, Nitecore has turned it into reality. Their new Concept 2, born from their line of experimental lights, is no flight of fancy, but a forward-thinking look into the future of powerhouse everyday carry flashlights.

The best place to start with the Concept 2 would probably be its futuristic design. CNC-machined from a single piece of aluminum for both strength and heat dissipation, the Concept 2 calls back to the old “soda can” designs of this class of light: lots of batteries plus lots of LEDs equals insane amounts of lumens. But thanks to modern tech the soda can design has taken a compact turn, and this modern light is a fraction of the size of its predecessors while doubling or tripling their original outputs. Its smaller stature also means a compact clip is all you need to EDC the light.

If it's output you want, you'll get it with the Concept 2. With up to 6,500 lumens at its disposal across 5 main modes and 3 special modes, it's safe to say the light is up to any task. Thanks to its 4 built-in high-drain lithium-ion batteries and 4 Cree XHP35 HD LEDs, you get its full 6,500-lumen output on Turbo for up to 30 minutes and throw all the way out to 398 meters. On the other end, you get a 1-lumen candle for a mind-boggling 2000 hours (over 80 days!) with its incredibly deep power reserves. You also get a complement of modern flashlight conveniences, like built-in charging, a side switch that doubles as a battery indicator, and onboard intelligent charging and thermal regulation.

The future is bright and right in the palm of our hands. Pick up the Nitecore Concept 2 from Amazon at the link below.

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Eugene Lempert ·
apparently it also has a proprietary charger ..so cant use powerbanks w. it
Putera Al-Aziz ·
hmm.. how does it compare to reasonably price thorfire blf q8?
using same configuration of 4 18650 soda can style
Efrain Suarez II ·
I like it but, WOW, the price. I’m it’s worth it, but I’m not in the market for another portable sun device. I’ll continue to use my Tiny Monster.
Ben ·
Quite a jump from 1 to 300 lumens. Could have done with a level in between.