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The Best Prime Day Deals on Everyday Carry Gear 2019

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The Best Prime Day Deals on Everyday Carry Gear 2019

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Amazon Prime Day is here. Think of it like Black Friday for online shopping at Amazon, but this year it lasts a full two days. So for the next day and a half, you can expect exclusive deals and discounts on thousands of products. There will be tons of deals to sort through, but leave the EDC gear to us. We'll be scoping the site for the best deals on great gear for your every day carry and posting them in this round-up throughout the entire event.

You'll need a Prime membership to take advantage of all the savings, so be sure to sign up for a free trial here to shop if you're not a member already.

As a heads up, many of today's deals are time-sensitive, and it's gonna be a long event. So be sure to bookmark this post and refresh often so you won't miss a steal. Check out all of Amazon's Prime Day promos at the button below, and scroll further for our curated list of EDC deals of note.

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Editors' Picks

Newest deals in bold! This is gear from brands we've recommended in the past — either in our buying guides or gear of the day posts!


Bags and Pouches


Keychains & Key Tools



Outdoor and Survival

Spotlight & Lightning Deals

Protip: Don't forget to scroll down on a product page to check for Special Offers and Product Promotions for coupon codes to bring prices down even lower. 

If you don't see the deal, double check in the top right to "View Offer" button before adding to cart. 

These deals go fast -- jump on them while you still can! If you missed it, join the waitlist for another shot.

Expired or Claimed Deals

See any deals we've missed? Score a great deal on gear you've had your eye on? Let us know and leave a comment below!

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bafire77 ·
Anyone else having issues with the app/website? I keep getting error messages all over the website...
Some of these weren't special deals at all. For example Amazon has been selling the Streamlight PolyTac for this price for quite some time. I know this because I contemplated buying it and it has sat in my "Save for later" list with the same price for a while. Seems a little underhanded on Amazon's part...

BTW I ended up picking up a COAST Polysteel 250 (320 Lumens) instead from Walmart for around $16-- about half the price of the Polytac. Very happy with that purchase.

*UPDATE: I just noticed that all of the other comments are from last July-- Is this just a recycled but outdated article? What is going on?
Kyle ·
I've been noticing that too. Some items on my lists have actually been increasing in price leading up to Prime Day, just for the "deal" to take them back down to the price I normally see them at. I'm not too thrilled with how this year's Prime Day is playing out.

Having said that, I did snag a couple things here and there. But one piece of advice I'd tell anyone is not to jump on any and every thing that says "deal" on it.

Also I hadn't even noticed the comments being from last year. The article entries are mostly up to date though.
Chuck Dee ·
CamelCamelCamel is good for spotting this. A lot of 3p sellers are especially bad at this.
Kyle ·
Thanks, I'll check that out! I'm usually not even one to go crazy for big sales/Black Friday/etc. so this will help.
Yikes, that seems even shadier than I expected. I used to have a lot of confidence that what I was finding from comparing prices online, and usually Amazon, was the best deal. In recent years I have found that more frequently I am finding better deals in retails stores on select items. Of course they couldn't just keep it simple. Now I have to physically get my lazy self out the door to do price-comparisons again. Oh well-- all good things must come to an end, I suppose.

And I am a cheapskate so I always shop around and compare prices before I ever buy, but great advice for the crowd.
Interesting-- never heard of this before. Thanks
Daniel Smith ·
Your link is wrong:
[LIGHT] 45% OFF COAST G19 Inspection Beam LED Penlight ($7.74 from $13.99)
Mikey Bautista ·
Sorry about that, we've fixed the link!
Knowbody ·
C'mon man... I'm trying to SAVE money...
David Doheny ·
Timex weekender for $25
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