Blacked Out EDC

alex penny
musician (age 23)
cambridge UK
This is basically my main EDC stuff that i carry but i do change up a few bits here and there, as you do. i wont carry both my folders but these are the main two i pick out of my collection. Cant get enough of carbon fibre. If its carbon fibre, i will probably be drooling over it.

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ando ·
Damn it, someone loves carbon fiber here 😁
#MeToo 😂
The SAK mod is nice!!!
I'm also looking at the kwaiken mini CF or urban trapper CF since I got titanium flipper and titanium two-handed version (since one-handed = illegal to carry in Germany ðŸĪŠ
alex penny ·
thanks!! yeah here in the uk, the laws are pretty strict but i still carry. it really depends on where i'm going. obviously i dont bring it anywhere where i might have a high possibility on being searched (like london). luckily where i live is pretty village based, so i don't have that problem. i just carry in a way that doesn't cause suspicion and i kind of take the "grey man" approach. i don't want to be seen as a threat so i just don't do anything stupid like pull out a blade in crowds. i follow all laws except folding knives and don't cause issues for the police ever but i know it's down to me, whatever happens. i get a lot of my knives from Lamnia.com. they post everywhere and have the best range and prices. most sites don't want to post knives that are restricted in certain countries. might be a good idea to see their options :)
ando ·
Thank you very much for letting me learn about lamnia.com! Whoa, this is going to be a huge upgrade to my EDC life! 2 days shipping to Germany (I think they might have stock here as well ?!).
First I overlooked you are in the UK. I (think I) know about the knife law there. In 2002 when I went with English class to London, my teacher said explicitly to me: do not bring any knife! Not even a small SAK.
I think you may carry a slip joint only. But not even a two-handed lockin blade? AND all applies to blades < 3" or so. I'll have to re-read on that...
In Germany it's either one-handed and non-locking (slip joint) OR two-handed and locking (or non-locking). Not really a length limit here on (non-automatic) folders.
But above options don't make sense to me as you may carry a 12cm (4,724"!!) fixed blade 😅.
If you can life with g10 scales BUT want the best affordable SUPER PREMIUM steel deal, look at the Bulgarian Manly Wasp. UK legal! I'm gonna get one for 65€ it features CPM S90V steel and has virtually one of the best edge retentions on the list (slightly below s110v). There's a UK PK version with S90V for twice that money.
Peace bro