Effingham, IL
Everything to the right of the wallet goes into the wallet. Everything to the right of the orange Rough enough Pouch goes into it. The phone and knife goes into left pocket. Wallet goes into Right pocket.

I have grown to love the chums wallet. When i first bought it i was disappointed and thought it was a cheap gimmick. I gave it a chance and it has become my go to piece. With three kids there is always a scratch, cut or tummy ache and it really helps to get a few day to day first aid stuff in that wallet. I often carry it with a caribiner attached to a belt loop but not always.

My Rough Enough pouch is going to explode. While i do not carry it on me 100% of the time. It available wherever i go whether it stays in the car or work etc. If you guys have any suggestions on pouches let me know.

Just realized the wet-ones are upside down and its bothering me. I am not going to start over though.

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