I kinda like orange

Marvin O’Mara
CAD Designer (age 27)
I design a lot of prototypes out of cardboard and this is the gear for work and my hobbies. I go through a lot of the cheap razors with the amount of cardboard I cut so this snap blade is one of about a hundred from my desk. The Sharpie is actually black inside as it has a black tip and reservoir... I just like the orange shell. I also use the Griffin Mini for scoring cardboard & popping beer. Looped with the Griffin is my Tactikey for puncturing and also scoring. Fisher Space Pen is used daily and always works no matter which angle I'm using it. The Anti-Wallet is my newest addition and keeps my bank cards and notes nice and flat... even with the Tactikey tucked into the side. Finally, I was given the orange notebook and now it's my 3rd Leuchtturm in less than 6 months. I might slim down my carry more, but so far, for my day-to-day, it's been perfect ?

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Franklion ·
How do you like the Fisher Backpacker? I was thinking about it but read several lost cap or pen posts.
Marvin O’Mara ·
It's really light!... It might seem cheap because it's so light, but it's solid. Placing the cap on the backend was difficult at first, but it's nice and snug now. Lately I've been keeping the cap tethered to the Swiss Army Knife and using the pen without the cap and it's been working great.
Simon ·
I got a watch which would fit your orange them so well love it :)
Greetings Simon
Justin Miller ·
As a Vol fan I like orange as well!! Nice carry
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