8 EDC Watches Under 40mm

8 EDC Watches Under 40mm

The trend of large watches seems to be coming to an end. More and more brands have started releasing smaller watches, and for good reason. The smaller case size and proportions also better highlight some design features. It’s also possible that you just have a smaller wrist and want something that fits it more proportionally. This guide covers some of our favorite sub-40mm watches that are excellent EDC watches in their own right. They're stylish, low-profile, and durable enough to earn their spot on your wrist.

Seiko SNK 809 (37mm)

The Seiko SNK 809 is one of the most popular entries in the Seiko 5 lineup. With water resistance, shock resistance, a day and date display, and a reliable automatic movement, this little watch punches well above its weight. You’ll appreciate the classic field watch styling and multitude of available color options. The case measures in at a comfortable 37mm, hitting the perfect balance between legibility and wearability. You can pick one up for under $65 in blue, black, green, or tan.

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Timex Weekender (38mm)

Timex’s Weekender collection is known for being easy to wear, highly legible, and very affordable. For around thirty bucks, you get a solid watch that’s available in a ton of different colorways. One feature that makes the Weekender unique is Timex's Indiglo technology. With a push of the crown, the entire face of the watch lights up making i  easy to read in low-light conditions. You get all of the classic military field watch size and looks without having to hunt down a vintage model (which can sometimes be less reliable given its age).

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Marathon Field Army Watch (34mm)

If you’re looking for a smaller watch that’s built to withstand hard use and abuse, consider this Military Field Army Watch by Marathon. Marathon builds watches specifically for military applications, so you know it’s going to be tough enough for day-to-day wear. Packed inside this 34mm case, you’ll find a reliable high-torque quartz movement, luminescent paint treatment on the hands and indices, and strong sapphire crystal. The case itself is made from an impact-resistant fibreshell material that’s both ultra light and ultra strong. You can pick up this solid little watch for around $140 at the link below.

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Seiko SKX013 (37mm)

This watch is for fans of the iconic Seiko SKX007, but don’t want to wear a large and bulky dive watch. The SKX013 looks remarkably similar to its older brother, but wears much smaller thanks to the 37mm case (versus the 42mm on the SKX007). The stainless steel case, steel bracelet, and Hardlex crystal result in a durable diver that looks just as good in the water as it does out. Just because this diver is small in diameter, doesn’t mean it’s small on features. You’ll still get the impressive 200m water resistance, day/date display, bright luminous paint, and reliable automatic movement inside.

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Redux COURG (39mm)

Redux’s COURG line of watches draw inspiration from various dive and pilot watches. They manage to combine the two different styles with ease, resulting in a legible and durable timepiece. All of the designs are based on the same 39mm case, but feature different dial and hand designs depending on the model. Not only does the COURG wear comfortably because of the size, but also because of the weight. The watch is the lightest in its class, thanks to the grade-2 titanium case. There are a ton of other user-friendly features like drilled lugs for easy strap change, 20 ATM of water-resistance, and a 90-click rotating bezel.


Citizen BM8180 (37mm)

This take on the field watch features Citizen’s Eco Drive technology. The BM8180 recharges itself by way of tiny solar panels mounted on the watch's face. This tech is ideal if you never want to worry about your watch dying or needing its batteries replaced. In addition to the self-charging capability, the BM8180 has a stainless steel case, stitched canvas band, and a durable mineral glass crystal.

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Victorniox INOX V (37mm)

The INOX line of watches from Victorinox are specifically built to withstand as much abuse as possible. Each watch passes a litany of stress tests: everything from freezing it in a block of ice to dropping it from extreme heights. Even though it’s smaller in size, the 37mm INOX V is just as tough as its 43mm counterpart. The INOX V features a stainless steel case, premium rubber band, screw-down crown, and reliable Swiss quartz movement. You can pick one up for just under $500 at the link below.


Sinn 556 I (38.5mm)

Sinn’s 556 I is one of the most versatile watches out there. The 38.5mm case is made from stainless steel, and comes on a steel H-link bracelet or premium leather strap. The material allows it to stand up to wear, but can be dressed up if need be. The dial of the watch is a glossy black, which adds depth and contrast to the dial. Each hour is marked by a long white hash, with shorter minute marks in between for optimum legibility. Inside the case, you’ll find a reliable automatic ETA 2824-2 movement surrounded by a shock-resistant mount. It’s protected by a double coated sapphire crustal on the front for optimum clarity. At $1080, it’s not the cheapest of the bunch, but it’s reliability and versatility can easy make it your one and only watch.


Are you wearing a smaller watch for the summer? Let us know what it is in the comments below!

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The BM8180-03E will always be king. It is so affordable and it has almost every feature you could ask for: day-date, good lume, solar quartz, etc. The only thing that could make it better is a screw-down crown.
I strapped on a CWC G10 many years ago and apart the odd NATO refresh, it’s still my “go to watch”. At 36mm with a proven military pedigree, is a tough little beastie. CWC have released a 100m waterproof model but the price hike that comes with the increased peace of mind, takes this particular G10 beyond the realms of “trusted beater” in my opinion. If you want true military issued styling and a little piece of military history strapped to your wrist, pick up a “previously loved” issued version.
I just picked up the Seiko SNK 809 a few weeks ago because I was looking for a nice field watch without breaking the bank (I really want the Hamilton Khaki and the Marathon Mechanical General Purpose watch). I am very impressed with it so much, that I have shelved my TAG and my Swiss Army Officer's watch for the time in favor of it.
The Seiko 5 is my beater watch (work in the yard, under the car, etc) Takes lickin' and keeps on tickin'. (Apologies to Timex)
still no vostok was it you guys have against them
Have both the Seiko SKX013 and Citizen BM8180 but what is on my wrist more than any other is the now discontinued Seiko 38mm Seiko SARB017 Alpinist. A great field, explorer watch with screw down crown, 200M water resistance and sapphire crystal for less than the Hamilton Khaki with 50M water.
Christopher Ward C5 Malvern MKII. Ronda 515 quartz engine. (almost HEQ) Anti-reflective Sapphire crystal. The watch itself makes me a savvy business man haha
Bought a Timex weekender a few weeks ago and haven't stopped wearing it yet! Love the design and the way it fits on my wrist. When people talk about how loud the ticking is they aren't joking!
I've had my BM8180-03E for 14+ years and despite the addition of many new watches I just can't stop going back to this as my go-to watch. To me it's a perfect watch. Easy to read, classic style that I never get tired of, perfect accuracy, and no battery changes. I've tried a few different nylon straps but am now using a Perfit Citizen Essential Perforated Tropic Diver Watch Band (AMZ) which has a nice solid feel without the normal stickiness of silicone straps. My other go to watch is the epitome of minimalism: the Casio MQ24-7E.
The SNK 809 hasn't been $65 in a looooong time.
i have now 2 watches, both under 40mm, Citizen BM8180 as a rugged militaryheritageinspired watch and the Aristo Messerschmitt KR200 as a more retro dressy but EDCable watch. Both serve me well, the Citizen does look classy enough with polished parts so look gentlemanly, with quartzmovement and 100m WR solid enough for active tasks. The Aristo is for leisure, when i want to enjoy the vintagelike domed crystal and sunbeam dial.
I have the Bolder Venture. Great Watch nice price.
The 38mm Hamilton Khaki Mechanical is one of my all-time favorites!
Solid list, good read. Timex weekender is a nice , lightweight watch. Word to the wise for anyone who does physical labor or jobs. Band will hold sweat.
the marathon is a great watch, quartz movement.

if you want an automatic, get one that hacks. the seiko 7s-26 movement is a workhorse, but it does not hack. the seiko automatics that do are the NH-35 (sold by seiko to other manufacturers for their watches), and the 4R and later movements. educate yourselve before buying.