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KLiPT LED Light and Tool Kit

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KLiPT LED Light and Tool Kit

With limited space in your pockets, lugging around a regular one-trick light can be hard to justify. The Ecuipt KLiPT, on the other hand, adds a bit more versatility to your EDC than your run of the mill flashlight. Besides being a 300 lumen flashlight, it plays multiple roles thanks to its built-in multi-tool and secret storage capabilities. It packs all of this into a pocket-friendly design, letting you consolidate your carry and do more than just light the way while carrying less.

The KLiPT is a capable flashlight on its own, featuring a Nichia 219B LED with a maximum output of 300 lumens to a distance of 43 meters. The light is daylight balanced at 5000K, with a high-CRI value of 93, making this a good light to carry around if you need color accuracy for your work or if you dislike the harsh tints of most other LED flashlights. A single side switch lets you turn the light on and off, select an output setting, and switch between emergency SOS and strobe modes. Aside from the 300 lumen high, there's a medium 150 lumen settings, a low 28 lumen setting, and a economical 'moonlight' mode that dials everything down to 0.2 lumens. And because the flashlight's included 18350 li-ion battery is USB rechargable, getting it back into action isn't too much of a hassle.

The KLiPT is made of strong yet lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum that's been anodized to further resist corrosion. With its shockproof LED module and a 2 meter impact resistance, it can stand up to whatever you put it through. And it'll keep on going even when things get wet because it's IP68 water resistant.

But what really sets the KLiPT apart is the titanium multi-tool built into its design. On its frame you'll find a plethora of everyday carry essential functions like a bottle opener, wrenches, and a pointed cutter for boxes and tape. The integrated carabiner also lets you clip it and the light to your pockets or to your gear for easy retention. Pulling the attachment point for the multi-tool reveals the small secret storage capsule and space for additional hex bits to get the most out of its magnetized socket.

It's rare that you find such a practical light with this many features at a size that's perfect for everyday carry. You can make a pledge and secure this light or the multi-tool as a standalone pledge at the link below.

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