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Trending Gear: July 2018

Bernard Capulong
Trending Gear: July 2018

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Every day, readers like you proudly share photos of their everyday carry on the site.

Not only is looking through their pockets this way super interesting, but it's also a great way to find really cool gear you never even knew existed (yet somehow, suddenly need…).

When you hover over an item you like and click on it in these photos, you're also letting other EDCers know you find that gear interesting. Each click gets recorded to create a data-driven ranking of the most popular gear, which you can find in our Gear section of the site found in the top menu bar.

Gear with the most views and clicks climbs its way to the top of this feed and lets the EDC community know what's trending right this second.

Looking back this past July, it you were most interested in beefy pocket knives, ways to organize your gear, practical bling, and more… Let's take a look.

The Most Popular Gear from July

10. Gerber Flatiron

The Gerber Flatiron kicks the list off, and it's no surprise given how hyped it was since we first got our hands on it at SHOT Show this past January. Now that it's finally available, EDCers have been incorporating this hefty knife into their carry to make quick work of chopping tasks. It's essentially a folding cleaver thanks to its blade shape, and with 3.8” of cutting edge it's large enough to get things done, but not too bulky in your pocket. The Flatiron locks up with a stainless steel frame-lock, complete with an over-travel guard to further beef up its performance.

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9. Boker Plus Vox F3

With a Jesper Voxnaes design and premium materials like CPM-S35VN blade steel and blasted titanium handles, it's easy to see why the Vox F3 caught your attention. Besides its materials, the beefy, almost overbuilt design lends well to its role as a heavy duty EDC knife. Its useful 3.25” clip point blade deploys via a large thumbhole and locks with a titanium frame lock in the handle. You can command the knife with complete control as its 4.75” handle gives plenty of room to grip as well. For a heavy duty folder on the larger side, the Vox F3 is a solid option.

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8. CRKT Carson M4

For years, one of the best bang-for-your-buck EDC knives from CRKT was the M16 designed by Kit Carson. It definitely fell on the tactical end of the spectrum as far as styling goes, however. The M4 is another Carson design, but with styled more like a gent's knife with a G10 bolster and bone handle. It still outperforms traditional knives of this style thanks to its dual thumbstuds, Outburst assisted opening, and stainless steel linerlock to keep its 3.25” 8Cr13MoV blade in place.

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7. MecArmy CMP2-T Compass

Don't lose your way with MecArmy's new CMP2-T compass, inspired by the mechanical tools of old and built with modern materials and construction. It's a compact tool design to be worn as a pendant or attached to your gear, ready to point the way on your next trek. Special encapsulation tech gives the compass high sensitivity to point the way in a jiffy, while CNC-machined exotic materials give it a collectability and class that lets it fit right in with any adventure-themed EDC. It's sized for easy carry, designed to do its job well, and built with an exotic touch that puts it at last month's 7th most popular item.

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6. Streamlight Microstream USB

The recent MicroStream USB model bumps up the original's output fivefold, packing a High output of 250 lumens for 1.5 hours, and a Low of 50 lumens for up to 3.5 hours. A familiar tail clicky switch controls its levels, and also doubles as a charge indicator when topping up. Charging is accessed by unscrewing a sleeve built into the USB's head to reveal the micro USB port underneath, letting you charge the internal lithium ion battery with your power bank or wall plug. The old faithful learns some new tricks with last month's 6th most popular item.

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5. Seiko SUN065

Dive watches and EDC often go hand in hand, thanks in large part to the tool-driven design of dive watches that give them the overbuilt construction to survive any activity for a lifetime. Seiko's a brand almost synonymous with these watches, both pioneering and innovating with timepieces that push the limit of design and functionality. For last month's 5th most popular item, the SUN065, they've partnered with the divemasters at PADI for one formidable dive watch. Submarine-like construction with 200 meters of water resistance, kinetic-powered reserves, beefy, lume-coated indices—the SUN065 is a monster of a dive watch whether you're desk diving or finding adventure in the deep.

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4. Benchmade Mini Crooked River

Benchmade has earned their reputation as one of the best producers of American made tactical blades, but it looks like their newer range of outdoors knives have piqued your interest too. The Mini Crooked River is a smaller, more EDC-friendly version of their original Crooked River folding knife. It blends that timeless hunting knife aesthetic but does it in a completely modern way, with high performance materials and features throughout. For example, its “wooden” handles are actually a Dymondwood laminate, it features an AXIS lock, and can open with a flick of the thumbstud. Of course, it uses S30V steel for sharpness and edge retention as well.

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3. Ontario RAT 2

For anyone starting to collect knives, the Ontario RAT II is one of the most value-packed tools you can buy. Its 3" AUS-8 steel blade and reversible pocket clip make it an ideal everyday carry. Tough, textured scales provide a comfortable grip, while ambidextrous thumb studs offer quick and easy deployment. Its blade shape, length, deployment, lock, and overall quality lend themselves to RAT's balance and poise, making it a popular choice for EDC and bumping it up to last month's 3rd most-viewed item.

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2. Lowepro GearUp Wrap Organizer

Let's face it: cables are a part of life now. Which oftentimes make them a problem for EDC as they're not the most pocket- and bag-friendly items to carry. The best way to make them behave is to keep them organized—along with the rest of your tech and small essentials—in a dedicated pouch designed to keep your cables in check. The Lowepro GearUp Wrap organizer has padded slots, clear pockets, and elastic webbing for the most temperamental tech accessories, and its efficient, compact design made it a popular click last month, putting it squarely in the 2nd most popular slot.

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1. Gerber MP600

Coming in hot at the number one spot is the Gerber Multi-Plier 600. It's another full-sized multi-tool that's made in the USA designed for day-to-day use at home or out on the battlefield for military personnel. It features 15 tools total in its stainless steel body, including pliers, one-hand open locking knife and tools, screwdrivers, bottle openers, and more. If you mainly use pliers on your multi-tool, you'll appreciate the one-handed deployment of the MP600's sliding pliers.

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John ·
Why list the Gerber Flatiron as trending July 2018 gear when it isn't available and Amazon doesn't know when or if it ever will be? Does anyone check these sources before publishing?
Cody ·
I have the LowePro gear wrap and I'll tell you I'm rather disappointed in it. In general it's just not that good at organizing more than 2 cables because of the way the elastic is set up. I ended up ditching it and using a maxpedition that has way more organization options. It also has major issues with cables and smaller things falling out of it unless you pack a ton of stuff in it. The material is also really thin and has pretty poor durability. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.
Montana Actual ·
I have had a Gerber MP600 since 2008. By far my favorite go-to tool. It has been put through hell and I would never trade it for another multi-tool. I had one leatherman before, and I would never invest in another one since getting the MP600. The phillips head attachment also has the capability of being able to use the leatherman bit sets. Or any kind like it. I have never invested in it, but food for thought. I'd take a Gerber over a Leatherman any day. If you are looking for something with a bit set, go with the Gerber Center Drive. It is also USA made and basically and update to the MP600, plus it can take ANY bits without needing an adapter like the Leatherman.
2nd that. I got my MP600 as a freebie sometime long ago (long since forgotten but could have also been around 2008). First thoughts were that it was too light-weight to be durable. I was proven wrong over time. At first I kept it as a backup to a backup, then I began rotating it into my gear more and more. Also the one-handed opening is a nice feature that is a joy to use-- Grabbing the prongs on either side and flicking your wrist causes the pliers to open with a satisfying thwack.
Montana Actual ·
mine was a freebie too haha!