The Standard Issue

The content of my bag changes daily. I'm never in one place for too long and I need all my everyday gear to be light and versatile. This is the base layer; the gear that stays in my bag and on my person regardless of the days mission. I am a photographer and usually have my Sony a5100 on me instead of my heavier Canon DSLR. The smaller camera packs plenty of resolution and features in a body not much heavier than my iPhone. The Samsung Chromebook plus is my away from home computer. With plenty of RAM and a high res screen I can edit, write and surf on the move. I always have analog paper and pen with me and a book, all of which vary as I fill or finish them. This is my third pair of bone conducting headphones as i tend to step and/or sit on them after a year or so. I cannot recommend them enough to people like me who never take headphones off. The rest of my equipment includes: a Gerber multi-tool my dad gave me after I completed basic training, A wallet that survived three long term girlfriends, and the watch I bought with my first paycheck. These items are are constants and remain with me no matter what goes on in a day.
This is my standard issue.

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