My tools of my trade... and everything else life throws at me

handyman (age 51)
I deal with a lot of video and network cabling which is why I have two monitors; mostly for testing signal, but occasionally as additional monitors for games, movies or to view my video camera or iPhone.
My latest addition - the iProtec Baton light... just in case I need to light anyone up!
Nothing beats a Leatherman for my needs and this one has been with me for 20+ years... only needed to sharpen once and it still locks nicely.
Also have a bunch of Tile trackers for my gear; one in my wallet, one on my zip-ties (I will misplace them 9/10 times on projects), and the others in my gear bags.
The other tool I go to often is the retractable driver since I'm constantly switching between different bits... it's all accessible with the flick of my thumb.
Besides the leatherman being my oldest tool are my Fiskar scissors that I've had since the 90's.
All of this gear is rolled into my eBags backpack and I also have a sling bag that I rotate gear in/out of as needed. It's the perfect bag when I'm up on ladders.

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