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The James Brand Elko Micarta

Bernard Capulong
The James Brand Elko Micarta

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Not all knives need to be tactical to be good enough for EDC. Sometimes it's better to carry just the opposite, like a more traditional gent's knife or a small and discreet keychain knife depending on how and where you'll use it. Maybe you even want a knife that's both: the elusive gent's keychain knife. For that, the latest collaboration from Urban EDC Supply and The James Brand should do the trick. It's a classy take on The James Brand's extremely popular Elko slipjoint knife, this time with rugged OD green micarta scales that aren't just for show.

Instead of the modern-looking anodized aluminum scales found on the original Elko, this exclusive collaboration rocks OD Green micarta that's often found on more traditionally styled knives. The material is just as lightweight and exceptionally durable, but it features a tactile, textured finish to add much needed grip on a smaller knife like this. The Elko weighs in at only 1.3 ounces and measures 2.60” when closed, making it the perfect size for keychain blade duty.

Compared to other keychain knives, the Elko manages to feel more substantial in the hand during use. The 1.74” drop point Sandvik 12C27 blade makes quick work of light tasks for the average EDCer. Whether you live somewhere with stricter knife laws or you prefer gear that's simple to use, you'll appreciate the Elko's ambidextrous nail nick and non-locking, manual slip joint deployment.

The attachment point on the back of the Elko that lets you carry it on your keychain also provides some added utility, doubling as a small screwdriver or pry edge in a pinch. If keychain carry isn't your thing, you can also loop a lanyard through and carry it in your coin pocket or even tucked into a gear sheath or pouch organizer. You can grab the OD Green Micarta Elko exclusively from Urban EDC Supply's store page at the link below, with orders set to ship out this November.

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Brendan M Wood ·
Do you think you guys could maybe stop trying to suck off James Brand? Maybe?
Umm....most of these things are made in China and they are unjustifiably expensive. There are better knives in the world than the James brand.
Carl Bilodeau ·
I want to know more about the leather key thingies.
Hexagon ·
Nice addition to their line up. Bernard, when are you and the team gonna update your edcs? Looks like you guys haven't posted yours in a while. Granted I haven't posted mine ever.