Solid EDC Setup for Fall by Andreas

Sales Manager (age 31)
Hello, my name ist Andreas, I'm a Sales Manager from Germany. This is my EDC setup for Fall 2018. Some pretty solid stuff including my favourite slim wallet yet, the Aviator Carbon from aviatorwallet.com. High quality with some decent features like a thumb slot. Can only recommend this wallet. To take notes I use the Everyman Grafton Pen for quite a time now and probably the rest of my life. This pen will last some decades for sure! To carry my keys I currently use the Handgrey HG carabiner made from titanium. I usually carry my keys with carabiners and this one is pretty solid in the go as it features a bottle opener also. My favourite knife is The Folsom by The James Brand. Like the style and the processing of it. As its fall right now over here, most of the time I go out I have the Matador Pocket Blancket in my bag. If you take a rest and sit down somewhere, this is the ideal protection to keep your pants dry! Enjoy this setup and have a good one!

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