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When you find a knife that you just absolutely love to carry to use and fidget with it's a unique experience and you find it hard not to put that knife down and carry the rest of your rotation. That was the case when I got the Benchmade 756, it was just an absolute fun knife that's a joy to carry it's fun to fidget with and it's easy to use. But then though late to the party I got a lionSteel Roundhead that was a collaboration with knifecollector.com and I've got a set of knives that I just can't put down. I've carried a couple of other knives since I got my 756, but always go back to the 756 because of the uniqueness the fun of it and its size. I'm sure anyone who follows my profile is going to get tired of seeing these two knives all the time but that's just the reality of it. I will do my best to try to rotate through my collection but I just don't see that being very easy with the 756 or the Roundhead.


Of the few reviews I have seen on the Benchmade 756 Micro Pocket Rocket not all have been stellar. Though those individuals have claimed there were issues with their knife I have not had any with mine. Are there things about every knife that you wish were different sure but unless you're actually building your own knife and making it just the way you wanted. Even if you order a custom-made knife of your own design, you're still not the one making it and handling it during the manufacturing process. So there's going to be issues. That being said the 756 is a great knife. Most if not all are going to like it, now if you're not into small folders you're probably not going to enjoy it. But if you're really honest with yourself, who really needs a large folder for EDC. Most everyone's common EDC task are opening mail to include boxes, breaking down cardboard boxes, cutting cordage and maybe some mild food prep. Do you really need a large folder for that? Those of us that carry a SAK Cadet know that that if we're honest with ourselves is all the blade you really need day to day. Now I'm not saying that you never need a large full size folder I'm just saying common EDC.

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