Let’s take a walk

Canakkale, Turkey
I take these items with me when walking around the town and outdoor

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Just curious: what do you have your Air Pods in?
I think I found it on eBay. From Ocestore. Comes in black or red. $7.99 as of 10/27/18.
When i bought the pods, i also searched for a case cover and thats what i found, it came with a carabiner. And i put some paracord stuff on it😊
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I love your gear. Great use of paracord. One of the best posts I’ve seen.
Thank you very much😊 but i think editors dont think the same thing with you😂
Love the spartan thing, where did you get it?
Thanks a lot😊 made it myself out of a dessert spoon😉
Yeah, what is covering your AirPods? Looks pretty durable. Might need one of those, mine are starting to look a little rough.
I easily found it on internet but i bet you also find something like that in your country. Type “airpod case cover” and unless you cant find, go for leather ones, There may be some which you may across 😊