RovyVon E300S 2000 Lumens Compact EDC Angle Flashlight

Ken Chung
Shenzhen, China
E300S is designed for everyday carry and thanks to the 3 CREE XP-G3 S5 LEDs and a high rate (discharge) 2000mAh battery it could burst max 2000 lumens on Turbo mode (dropdown in 2 minutes). The designer gave a dual switch to the E300S so it could meet different purposes/preferences. You guys suggested there should be a moonlight mode on an EDC flashlight like our Aurora flashlights, we are seriously listening, therefore, here it is on the E300S with a double click the side switch to access.

Maybe some of you guys think as I do that most flashlights are cylindrical using 18650, 26650, 16340 batteries etc, sometimes it causes visual fatigue (Also, I know there must be many people like cylindrical lights). So we are trying to make some difference on the appearance, that's E300. The rectangle form factor is different from most flashlights on the market, the size is L101mm x W36.7mm x H17.3mm.

E300S utilizes 3 x CREE XP-G3 S5 LEDs to support an output from 4-2000 lumens (Moonlight is 4 lumens and Turbo mode is 2000 lumens). The lens beam angle is 30 degrees which would balance throwers and flood.

Internal components
The LED holder of E300S is made of aluminum which will help with heat dissipation. And the built-in thermal sensor will protect the light from overheat, it will automatically adjust the output when the internal temperature is close to 80 Celsius degrees (we don’t recommend using the Turbo and High mode for over 2 minutes due to the massive heat may produce, though the light can withstand). On the board, there’s an over-discharge and over-charge control unit which means the E300S will stop working when the battery is low (cut off voltage=2.4V) and stop charging when it is fully charged at 4.2V.

There are 2 indicators were built-in on the board which are low battery reminder indicator and charging indicator.
When the battery is low (2.6V), the low battery reminder will start to work with a red light to remind you should charge the battery, however, you could still use the light until 2.4V but the reminder will turn to red every 5 minutes after you shut it down with one click the side switch (The reminder will stay red and can’t be turn off when the light is ON).
When connecting a Micro USB to a power source like laptop or power bank, the charging indicator will glow between red and blue, once fully charged the indicator will stay blue.

User interface
E300S has 4 different UIs for different using environment or purposes/preferences.
1. Quick access
1) Momentary ON – Press and hold the top switch, release to turn off
2) Strobe – Double click the top switch
3) SOS/Signal – Click the top switch when it’s on Strobe,
4) Turn off – On any modes, long press (0.3s) the top switch

2. Cycle through starting at Moonlight
1) Long press (0.5s) the side switch to turn on the light at Moonlight mode (4 lumens)
2) Click the side switch to cycle through Low-Medium-High-Turbo
3) Working on any mode over 180 seconds, click to turn off

3. Infinite variable brightness adjust
1) Double click the side switch to turn on the light at 250 lumens
2) Press and hold the side switch to infinitely adjust brightness from 60 lumens to 2000 lumens, release the switch to stay at the brightness you need
3) Click to turn the light off
4) Memory: working on any brightness for over 3 minutes, it will come back to this brightness when the light was turned on next time

4. Medium mode only
1) Triple click the side switch to access the sole medium mode (450 lumens)
2) Click the side switch to turn off

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