Massdrop Cache EDC Display Valet

Carlo Santos
Manila, Philippines
Knife section can be lifted revealing more compartments underneath (where I put my other titanium writing implements)

Also has a hole in the back where you can snake a USB cable in for charging stuff :P

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Is there a lock on this case?
HAHA! First thing I thought!. Should be in a safe.
Youri Claes ·
Just wow.
I love this tray! very nice setup!
Josh Hauptman ·
Who makes the tray all this stuff is in?
dwhite ·
I saw it on Massdrop over the weekend. Thought about buying it.
I'm envious that you Buck Tom Mayo Ti knife. I been trying to find one in my price range. Great collection.
Carlo Santos ·
Thanks, Dan! It was actually my first knife. Well, first knife I spent on - my ex gifted me my first (A Buck assisted)
I just log in after awhile and found it funny the day you made this post, is the same day I got Buck 171. Its been number one carry for the past couple of months.
nice collection, love the watches and the HDS.