Office Adjustments

Mags Tan
BC - British Columbia
Left to my own devices, crawling under desks and adjusting people's stations after the office reno. Cable management is one of my life's great passions/peeves......

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Arshia ·
"Cable management is one of my life's great passions/peeves" I can totally relate. Nice set up
Mags Tan ·
Thanks! Yeah i try not to think about the cable spaghetti under my desk so much or I'll go nuts
Arshia ·
I find shrink wrapping each bundle of cables from each monitor and accessories, makes it pretty tidy. How do you find the Leatherman Signal?
Mags Tan ·
Well I'll admit that it was an impulse buy, I snagged it when it went on sale last summer. I still prefer a plain old folder since I rarely need the tools on a Signal. i also wish the tool were accessible from the outside (ie. without having to flip open to pliers).
Arshia ·
Fair enough. I find my supertool 300 is pretty much all i need, except for the knives, I already carry a small (1.5" blade small) fixed blade and that's perfect for all daily task. The signal seemed like a good alternative, but the outside tools seem a little gimmicky.
Mags Tan ·
I can see that the Signal was geared towards the outdoorsy types and perhaps I bought into the idea.. at the time I had a shitty Stanley multitool as well and thought maybe I'd use one more often if it were lighter, better built etc. Maybe at most I'd just bring it when travelling to places where I cannot carry a folder.

Good to hear the Supertool works well for your needs. It does seem to be less fussy than a Signal.