Nick S
Salt Lake City, UT
This is my bag carry when I'm not working, unless it's just a quick errand. I do try to carry it wherever I go. The bag is a great men's EDC carry bag; well made, compact yet roomy. I'm an Apple guy and love their products. I highly recommend Urban Armor Gear cases- well made & affordable. They aren't too bulky like Otter cases but definitely offer great protection. Gum and lip balm are a must. I enjoy writing articles as a hobby for my baseball blog, so the Moleskine notebook w/Fisher Space Pen are great essentials for on the go. Basic Apple earbuds in case I need em, otherwise I have Beats for when I'm home. Streamlight makes great flashlights; I use their products at work; the ProTac is very bright and thin for carry. I love my Victorinox for anything small, and the Kershaw is great if I need a bigger blade. My wallet is just a basic bi-foldd leather wallet to hold my IDs and cards since I seldom carry cash. Glock 19 is my chosen issued firearm for work- Galco holster is great however I throw it in the bag; personally I don't like carrying a gun on my hip, so I definitely carry more with the bag.

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Have you tried a different holster? With a good belt and holster a glock 19 can be carried with comfort.
Nick S ·
Oh yeah, several. It's not that it's literally not comfortable, it's just my preference of not wanting a holster on my hip. One of the main reasons I got the bag is cause I knew I would carry more with it, as I should.
Gotcha. If it gets you to carry it more often then that is definitely the way to go.