The "Random A** Dismount Training Op" Carry

Mr Crabs
North Carolina, USA
Here's an assault bag load out with typical tools I would carry in this type of scenario. My helmet, NVGs, kit, knives, and Leatherman Mut are missing only because I don't put those things in the pack. Should be good training though, lol.

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Nice kit Mr. Crabs.
Mr Crabs ·
Thanks man!!!
Benjamin K ·
Love the loadout; thanks for your service! I keep one of those Benchmade strap cutters in the sunglass compartment of my car, really neat little tool
Mr Crabs ·
Thanks man!!! The versatility of use for those things is something that should be discussed more. Straps and seat belts are just the beginning. I watched my uniform get turned into a camouflage tarp in an emergency room as the nurse started at my pant cuff and ended with my collar in one fluid stroke. Saw the same happen to a bomb suit as well. These little things are gnarly!!!
Benjamin K ·
Wow... Sorry you were in a situation that needed one. Good to know they're that capable though!
Mr Crabs ·
I wish it were that cool or dire of a story man, but I’d be a real ass if I didn’t set the record straight. I was on range using quads and had an accident. Instead of them letting me take my uniform off, they elected to cut it off since I was still on a back board and in a neck brace. Right after that, they realized I was completely mobile but also naked, lol.