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The things on me most days unless I'm at work then my gun stays in my truck.

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Steven James ·
How was your experience buying the Rolex. I’ve been trying to get my hands on one but there doesn’t seem to be stock anywhere in Australia
Pathfinder Defense LLC ·
I purchased that Submariner about 4 years ago and the last Rolex I bought was about 2 years ago so I'm not that versed in the current market situation. But, I have heard there is a shortage nowadays. My local A.D does a fine job of keeping a stock of watches coming in(They do ship). Your local A.D. can certainly order you one if they don't have one in stock(May be a fairly long wait). Also the second hand market is an option if your comfortable with that. I do recommend a reputable second hand dealer I know of a couple in the states if your interested.
Steven James ·
Thanks for coming back to me. TBH I think the whole experience of trying to acquire one / shortages wreaks of some kind of marketing strategy....I think I might just shelve the idea all together.....