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Readers' Choice: Top 3 EDC Wallets in 2018

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Bernard Capulong
Readers' Choice: Top 3 EDC Wallets in 2018

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With the new year right around the corner, there's plenty of new gear in store for us to look forward to. But until then, now's a great time to look back on the gear that served us best through 2018. We polled our community in our exclusive Facebook group and asked what their favorite EDC gear was in the past year. In this quick round-up, we're highlighting your favorite wallets! We've narrowed it down to the top three answers among the community — read on to see what your favorites were, and stay tuned for more gear to come in our Readers' Choice series.

3. Flipside 4

The third most favorite wallet among our EDCers is a bit of a departure from most EDC wallets with its unique hardshell construction. Instead of aiming to be as slim as possible, the Flipside 4 prioritizes go-anywhere durability and protection over everything with a rigid, crushproof design. Its polycarbon resin and aluminum boasts scratch resistance, weather resistance, and RFID protection in a lightweight package. You access your cards and cash via a locking front button to open the wallet clamshell style, where multiple card slots and a dedicated moneyclip keep everything in place. These made in the USA wallets come in 6 different colors to match your EDC, too.

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2. Pioneer Flyfold

The second most favorite wallet breathes new life into a familiar bifold wallet silhouette using futuristic, high performance materials. Pioneer's products feature 10XD fabric, made with fibers 10 times stronger than steel by weight. Combined with a tightly woven face fabric, the material boasts impressive waterproofness, abrasion resistance, textured grip, high strength, and light weight. Best of all, the wallet doesn't compromise on capacity despite its low profile, featuring a dedicated billfold section for paper bills, and two card slots to accommodate up to 10 cards total. It's one of the few minimalist EDC wallets that can offer modern performance without a steep learning curve or extra bells and whistles you might not need.

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1. Dango D01 Dapper

Our readers' favorite wallet comes as no surprise considering its design has something for everyone. With its hybrid construction of an aluminum chassis wrapped in premium leather and secured by a silicone band, it feels reminiscent of high-end leather wallets, futuristic metal wallets, and ultra-slim minimalist wallets, but completely new and different at the same time. The D01 accommodates cash under its silicone band, up to 12 cards in its main compartment, and even Dango's own card-shaped multi-tools. While the D01 is a solid EDC wallet on its own, its aluminum frame lays the foundation for customization with the rest of Dango's carry lineup, including paracord tethers, high-capacity bifold leather sections, and more. 

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What was your favorite wallet in 2018? Leave a comment and let your fellow EDCers know your favorite ways to carry cards and cash! Stay tuned for more Readers' Choice picks as we wrap up this year.

Bernard Capulong

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

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Bernard Capulong is an everyday carry (EDC) gear expert, entrepreneur, all-around nerd, and the founder and editor-in-chief of EverydayCarry.com—the largest online community for EDC gear enthusiasts. Since founding Everyday Carry in 2009, he’s built over a decade of experience in the industry, reviewing and highlighting brands and products, including pocket knives, flashlights, wallets, watches, bags, pens, and much more.

Bernard is known for bringing everyday carry out of obscurity and into the mainstream, having been published or featured in various publications such as GQ, TIME Magazine, The New York Times, VICE, HYPEBEAST, Outside, and many others. He has also played a part in curating, designing, and developing digital and physical products, resulting in successful crowdfunding projects or limited edition collaboration products with established softgoods brands. He stays on the pulse of the EDC industry by attending trade shows, participating in online interest communities, and actively engaging with fellow gear enthusiasts on social media.

In addition to being the editor-in-chief and main social media personality for EverydayCarry.com, Bernard is an avid gearhead and collector in general. His personal collections span technical bags, fountain pens, digital cameras, retro gaming hardware, personal hi-fi audio gear, and mechanical wristwatches, to name a few. Bernard Capulong is a prominent figure and trusted authority in the everyday carry industry with a career dedicated to helping people discover this hobby and stay prepared with quality gear.

Discussion (9 total)

Michael Mutant ·
I'm a Naoloop with a Space pen guy myself.
Goldthunder ·
Recycled firefighter
Dalles Hayes ·
I went with the Ridge over the Dango simply because the Dango didn't have free international shipping when I was ready to invest. I really wanted that multi-tool. I'm happy with my Ridge though.
Kyle Kreaux ·
Don't worry you made the right choice. Those Dango wallets fall apart pretty quick. I was pretty pissed with mine.
Franklion ·
I see the appeal for these three, and the Trayvax, but I just can't get into them, personally.

The Flyfold is $85, yeesh (I still would like to try one). I bet it feels amazing but you could get a similar resiliency with a tyvek wallet for a third of the price.

I can't imagine putting the Flipside in a back or front pocket. I love the versatility though. It's like a wallet capsule!

I do dig the Dango and Trayvax brands and they are awesome to look at in people's collections, but that's about it. Some Trayvax models look like a lot of work, with too many doodads and hard edges.

I almost bought a Ridge the other day, but decided to try and avoid wallets that rely on elastic or silicone bands. Remember, this is coming from a guy who rotates between 4 wallets and retired countless others. Hahaha.
Emile Houvenaghel ·
Hey, you should definitely try the Ridge wallet out. I have mine for almost 2 years now (if i remember correctly) and there is almost no wear and tear on the elastic bands. Money keeps steady in the rubber band, but i would've taken the money clip if I could choose again. Maybe you could give it a go!
Franklion ·
I used the similar, but far inferior, Elephant Wallet. Had the whole kit actually. I've grown tired of the whole push and fan out method. So many wallets that do this. I've had pull tabs, triggers, tyvek and simple sleeves. The one thing they all have in common is you still need to perform some kind of accessibility action (pull, click, push, fan) before the action of grabbing the card. With all that said, the Ridge seems like the smartest elastic design and I LOVE the footprint, and the TI burnt blue.

The wallet I'm hoping will be my last for at least 5 years is coming on Monday. I'm hoping it's "the one". Checks off all the boxes: not leather, no bands, no plastic, no pull tab (still love), no stretching issues (leather), clean, small, solid, great looking.
Tim Ahlstrom ·
What wallet is that?
Hexagon ·
What wallet did you get? Is it working for you?

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