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Readers' Choice: Top 3 EDC Bags in 2018

Jonathan Tayag
Readers' Choice: Top 3 EDC Bags in 2018

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With the new year right around the corner, there's plenty of new gear in store for us to look forward to. But until then, now's a great time to look back on the gear that served us best through 2018. We polled our community in our exclusive Facebook group and asked what their favorite EDC gear was in the past year. In this quick round-up, we're highlighting your favorite backpacks! We've narrowed it down to the top three answers among the community — read on to see what your favorites were, and stay tuned for more gear to come in our Readers' Choice series.

3. Peak Design Travel Backpack

With a fully expandable 45 liters of space, the Peak Design Travel Backpack is suited for an extended excursion. Unlike other bags with that kind of carrying capacity, Peak Design has made their Travel Backpack with speed and discretion in mind. It features a clamshell design for easy loading, and quick stash pockets at the top and sides of the bag. And while the bag slims down via compression straps to keep things small and carry-on compatible, the expansion zippers let you take full advantage of the available space once you're on the ground. This makes the Travel Backpack ideal for a one-backpack travel set up. And with its 400D weather proof material construction and DWR coatings, the bag has the chops to stand up to the elements no matter where you find yourself.

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2. Aer Tech Pack

Premium technical materials and rock-solid durability define Aer's minimalist Tech Pack. It features a tough 1680D Cordura ballistic exterior paired with a water-resistant coated front. Its dual compartment construction gives you lots of space for your gear with smart organizational features as well to keep everything on hand with easy accessibility. And unlike a lot of other bags, its structured design allows it to hold its shape, even when it's not fully packed, making loading and unloading the bag on a regular basis a breeze.

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1. Black Ember Citadel Modular

The Black Ember Citadel modular backpack system represents a versatile option for everyday carry as we enter the new year. As its name implies, you're able to configure the bag for both light and heavy-duty storage options, depending on your needs. The basic pack is made out of 800D performance textile, laser cut, and with YKK Aquaguard zippers to keep your gear dry in inclement weather. There's a comfortable 25 liters of space available to store the essentials, and the modularity of the pack lets you snap dedicated expansions onto the bag using magnetic Fidlock hardware. Once available only through crowdfunding, Black Ember is now making this stellar pack available for preorder to a wider retail audience at the link below.

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What was your favorite bag in 2018? Leave a comment and let your fellow EDCers know about bags you think should be on their radar! Stay tuned for more Readers' Choice picks as we wrap up this year.

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J.S. Leonard ·
GORUCK GR2 is hands down the best bag without question.
Phat Nutz ·
my arc’teryx leaf courier bag 15 is way easier to edc than the travel bags listed here plus it's less conspicuous.
Michael Rayburn ·
Wife got me a Tumi Bravo this holiday. Just started using it. More expensive than I'd buy for myself, but seems good so far.
Kevin Streit ·
Other than my Peak Design Travel Bag I have a C-Ruck by Red Oxx which is the most durable rucksack I have ever owned. I've traveled all over the world and this bag has never let me down!
Kevin Streit ·
I am really enjoying my Peak Design Travel Bag! It is the most versatile travel bag on the market. Glad I got it on Kickstarter!!
Goldthunder ·
Gotta keep that gear dry while it sits in the airplane and by gear I mean clothes and head phones. Cmon this isn’t EDC bags.
North Face Overhaul 40. Fits all international carry-on sizers I have used including Australia, Asia and Europe. North Face gave me a free replacement after my 6 year old beaten up original had a very minor defect. Accept no substitutes.
Franklion ·
Shouldn't this be called Top Travel Bags? Something like an Evergoods CPL or Opposethis Invisible II is more EDC.
I have been using the Citadel modular since receiving it from the Kickstarter campaign. It's an awesome EDC pack that has filled all of my needs very well. The water proof shell and zippers work as advertised.
Am I the only one who laughs at the price of 90% of the “must-haves” here? I’d much rather get a PacSafe 40L bag for 50% the cost with 100% more security.
J.S. Leonard ·
Get a GORUCK GR2 it will be the last bag you have to buy. Buy once cry once.
I hear you, but the GR2 is $350 more expensive and 1.5lbs heavier than my PacSafe. I travel with mine, doing normal-medium level abuse. Mine will last me a lifetime and I don’t have to worry as much about weight restrictions. If you’re deploying or doing GoRuck events, GoRuck is the way to go. I’ve retired from the military and my knees are too shot to do that kind of stuff. For my needs, I’d rather have the PacSafe. My critique about the cost isn’t limited to bags. I’m a big proponent of the cry once mentality, but I can cry less for high quality, durable gear.
J.S. Leonard ·
Sure just for bebopping around town and light travel your backpack will hold up just fine but it's not on the same level is the GR2. In fact there's not even a bag in the industry that can compete with it. Which is why it's won so many awards and accolades. All GORUCK gear is design to be used by the military first and foremost and then of course the support their company through their gut-rot of is. All gear is and has been tested and passed war time deployments with Special Forces ODAs in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other lovely locations around the world. I got my GR2 and my Rucker (new) for less than the regular cost of a current GR2. I will never have to buy another travel bag or EDC baf for that matter because GORUCK products just last and they're backed with a Scars For Life Warranty. Why would I or anyone want to buy bags more than likely going to have to be replaced within 3 to 5 years going to have to go out and buy the same bag if it's still available knowing that is going to fail or you'll have to hunt for a new bag and wonder how well it's going to hold up. Just buy the best bag available then you're done. I travel a lot so I live out of my bag. So I need something that's absolutely, positively, indestructible. When I'm not traveling I use all my GORUCK bags to either transport an AR pistol in or a range bag or go to the beach. They are truly versatile bags that will last a lifetime. Do you really want an average bag they were more than likely fail you when you need it? Not me. 🤟
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