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Be a Part of Our Exclusive Facebook Group

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Be a Part of Our Exclusive Facebook Group

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We're always looking out for fun new ways of interacting with you, the readers. While we see each other in the comments and talk shop in the forum, we're also keen on getting to know you all on other platforms. So we've been cooking something behind the scenes, and today we'd like to invite you all into our exclusive Facebook group, the EverydayCarry.com Inner Circle.

The group was created as a private space where the EverydayCarry.com community can share, discuss, ask questions, and interact with the EDC team. On a daily basis we'd love for everyone to talk about anything everyday carry, but from time to time the team will also ask for valuable community feedback about projects we're cooking up behind the scenes.

We just launched the group and we're excited to talk about all our gear, so if you're a Facebook user we'd love to see you over on the other side. The group is currently invite-only (it's our own private club), so be sure to get in touch with us by clicking on the link below.

See you all on the other side, and carry on!

Join the EDC Inner Circle

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Montana Actual ·
Facebook is still a thing?
Mojo123 ·
What is the watch shown at the top of the page? I like that it has no visible branding. Is it a stock image or something that's available? I like it.
Cullen Bailey ·
Maratac watches are similar